I yearn to reach down
The deep recesses of your soul
But I’m afraid of
What I might find therein.
I yearn to touch you
In ways you have
Never been touched before
But I fear what
Your reaction may be.

I yearn to hear
Stories past of your existence
That were there before I walked in
But I’m afraid of what I may hear.

I yearn to understand
To know you more
To understand why
You are the way you are
To know what makes you tick
And what beats the tune you dance to
But I’m scared to fully understand you.

I yearn to know the demons
That ravage you most times
To know their names
And when they attack,
How they attack
The wounds they leave.
I yearn to know the wounds you bear
The gaping wounds and slight cuts
The burns, the bruises
The scratches, the stabs.
I yearn to know the source
of every scar on your body
I yearn to trace my fingers on them
As you tell me the battles you’ve fought.

I want to live and experience
What it’s like to be you
To be you for a while
To eat, drink, sleep, live you
To infiltrate your thoughts and mind
And discover what goes on in your head.

I wish to see through your eyes
To breathe through your nose
Hear through your eyes
Feel through your skin.
I yearn to know you through and through
Like the palms of my hand
But at the same time, I don’t
Because I’m scared of what I’ll find.

I wish the solve your mystery,
The puzzle, you.
To dig deep to the very center of your being
But I’m afraid I may never be able to do that

Cause darling, you are life
And your mystery,
Can never be fully solved.
You are a universe
And like your creator,
You can never be fully understood.

I yearn still…

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