The Face of a Coward

Can you relate oh ye knower?
That indescribable yet relating feeling you claim?
When all spins round and round, to and fro
Like an imaginary see-saw where the innocent play?
Do you really know it?
All ye who claim ‘woke’ and enlightened by illumination
Or are you the average you deny?
Are you shackled by the chains you long to shrug off?
Do you really know before you let open the well
And let those destructive wisdom spray on the unaware

Can you see beyond the white toothed smile?
Can you see the gloom, souldepth gloom?
Beneath those fancy wears and paintings so beautiful to behold
Do you spew those black bullets on the gone?
And draw unearthly consolation because of the mute
Do you my dear proclaimer of righteousness?

Did you reach out in those dark years?
Did you flash a light into the pitch darkness?
Or did you dance to his hurt?
And call he a coward, who stared into the eyes of the Reaper and say “tah!”
He who braved and dared the Reaper to wield the sickle
And willingly let him glean on his field

Do you ever stop to wonder, Knower and Knowee
If you could cut away, pull the plug
Let the flickering light go out entirely
Do you get entangled in laughter’s web
When dust ain’t returned to dust
Still think it cowardly?
Found out the fool yet?
Look into the mirror.

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