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Black Gold

With a skin colour the sun rays are proud of
And a meek soul begotten of Chukwu’s love
Ebony eyes to match those joyful cheeks
“I am black gold,” her divine beauty speaks

Her father’s wealth, a queen at her husband’s side
She hates injustice; behold! Amadioha’s pride
Glory of the kitchen; her meals bear wonders of old
What name is more suitable if not ‘black gold’

The best home keeper, a goddess to her children
The flames of her smiles melt the hearts of evil men
While her husband nods in approval, her fellows are envious
As her hips sway to the voice of the ‘ogene’, in patterns so mysterious

None is like her in all corners of Africa
From the borders of the Sahara to the coasts of Madagascar
Wisdom and humility and her dignity unsold
What name can we give to the virtuous African woman: black gold

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