The Talking Drum

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Thus was the sound of the talking drum.
It speaks, we hear
Even the deaf could not bear
O! The enemies seem to fear.

Its sounds were messages to humanity,
Its rhymes were filled with melody.

Its beautiful sounds perform wonders,
It made the lame dance to stupor.
The dumb sang to exhaust at ion,
The blind saw from afar,
And the deaf heard it melodies,
O! What a reality!

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Repeated the talking drum,
This time more melodious
It made the drummer jealous
For the melodies it brought forth were hilarious.

The grizzled ones could not help but gyrate for they know too well their days will not stay,
This made the youth jealous with an ambition to be vicious .

O! I can see animals from the smallest bug to the largest elephant,
Vigorously shaking their strange bodies to the contagious sound of the talking drum
Alas! This whole scenario made me realize that this is our culture and heritage
Our true essence of living.

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