Pierced Emotions

In a soul with no feelings
Stars are made…
Upon those tender walls of its heart
Made to darken the unwanted…

The unnecessary urge to fight it
To dim the piercing light
False images built to feel better
Total blockage to feel nothing
Actually there is no feeling at all
He just makes it seem like there is

That perfectly sculptured face
With smiles made to change the world
Laughs made through constant practices from videos on YouTube
Oblivious to the beauty of love
Knowledge of pain of love
Emphasis of loneliness within
You don’t even care about my care for you

The world is like bullshit to you
Every fucking moment not meaning a thing
Puffs of your smoke showing you more than the world ever has or ever will
No safe place within or without

Every atom of tenderness
Every bit of time spent
All on nobody but you
This thing called ‘care’, a foreign name to you
Plugs on drugs to care less

Do they see you?
Those you call ‘friends’
Do they know you?
This questions keeps running through my mind
Do they want to see You?
Will they stay if they see You?

White shirt, looking like an angel
Black shirt, looking like an angel with no home
That hole you believe can never be filled

“She comes along the way
Thinking she could miraculously solve it all
Solve what exactly?
Me?..or my soul?
She knows nothing of what she thinks she knows”

No bother, even with the piercing thoughts
The burning flaws of doubts
Thoughts of her, being like the rest
“She probably should get tired along the way
Days are numbered till Saturday
The last day I should see her
Of course not!”

All this going through your mind
Only when you want to
You seldom think of ‘her’
That pest in your life
“I want to be your flashlight
Just like Jessie-J
Your Trap-queen like Fetty Wap
The one that makes you happy
and to see the happiness in others

The actions you make a headache
Words you utter from those lips frustrates me
It’s like the wind pushing those hard trees to the ground
But of course, my come back is superb

I want to stay, don’t fight it
Don’t fight me
Give me the peace of you
The joy of an open mind
With a soul filled with pierced emotions

I want to see you
Know you
Feel you
With my wounded smile
And soft love
Will you let me?

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