Beauty in the Heart of Darkness

Woke up in a world
Which seemed to be a whirlpool
I looked around
And saw alien faces
embellished with fake smiles.
Every thing was haphazard
Total chaos was the order
Pain and betrayal were blessings
Loyalty and honesty were taboos
Love, a farce
Hate, the source of life
Jealousy and bitterness were blood tonics. And in the middle of this hell, I found myself.
In this stormy maze, I was born again.

Repeatedly, I was told
”You are not worthy.”
”You are mere trash with nothing to offer.”
”You are alone.”
”You will lose it all.”
These songs were on repeat
And they never failed to play.
Happiness became a luxury
Peace, an illusion.
The essence of life
Was sapped
And living became a daily struggle .
Yet in this battle, the gold was refined
From this ashes, the Phoenix rose

The sun was dreary and scorching
Blood red from the poisons
Emitting from the lives
of the citizens of the land.
The moon could not even find its place
Trees hung like mannequins
Their roots popping out from
A land so dry with the cracks so wide,
You could see the mother rocks
The very foundations of the earth.
But in the very heart of all these,
A rose bloomed.
In the center of it all, I lived
Not merely surviving day to day
But thriving.

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