Love and RomanceSeries

The Maid (Part 1)

As I entered the parlour, I sensed tension almost immediately. She sat at the edge of the three colourful cushions. He sat in one of the other two facing her. A blank expression was written on his face.

“Bastard,” I muttered under my breath, rolling my eyes at him for an instant and wondering if his mother saw me. I sat down on the empty seat next to him. His familiar fragrance of peach and strawberry hit me. How had I managed to be so crazy around his cologne? To be so jealous and possessive over someone who was never mine?

These begging questions took my mind back to how it all started.

“What’s going on between you both?” her question threw me out of my necessitated reverie. I landed back to the spot of present reality and realized too late why we had been summoned!

“Does she know?” I wondered.

“Precious, I want to know….. how did these all happen?” the sound of my name made me take in forced breath.

My heart plunged against my chest. My palms got too wet already. Even the chair I sat on felt too small for my round figure.

I was almost sure the baby in my womb kicked in forced labour attempt. I was barely four months pregnant!

Everything felt too far, even the walls looked like they stood erect from a distance. My head swooned with fear. The ceiling withdrew itself from me…. everything forsook me. I felt very alone and hot. How could I be hot when I could hear the whispering shrill of the air conditions?

“How much does she know?”and I wondered, trembling like a goldfish whisked out of its aquarium.

“Erm… Ma….” I scratched the back of my head and suddenly realized I was severely pressed with sulphurous urine. My temperature hit the skies, my heart rate rushing like a hungry zombie towards fresh flesh.

I locked my fingers together, twisting and turning them and then I did something utterly foolish.

I broke into blistery, sweet tears. Tears I had wanted to cry from the first day it began.

And then I screamed… the scream of pain I had always wanted to. There was no satisfaction, I disappointedly realized… Absolutely no satisfaction!

She moved closer, in a motherly embrace. For a moment, I felt safe from his shouting stares. “I’m here… I’m here,” she reminded me.

She didn’t deserve this, I thought. She was the best employer anyone could wish for. She literarily took me as her adopted child not minding that I was only her maid.

She’s provided me with shelter and every other thing I could think of. It’s time she knew the truth. The whole truth, not a word extra… not a word deducted.

I took her back to the beginning of it all.

Read Part Two.

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