The Goddesses are Gathered

Boobs swinging like royal handfans.
Perspiration and aspiration in the air.
Who shall dance away with the King’s heart tonight?
Whose silhouette form shall adorn his bed?

Ah! Ashanti!
Fetishistic waist beads mesmerizing the King’s head with its sound and stream of colours.
Her waist tweedles like cowries thrown in different directions
So one do not know where exactly they want to be.
Twisting and twirling like they’re on a hula hoop.
They’re looking so inviting.

Her anklets stamping in harmony to her swiftness.
She’s got the King’s eyes and she uses it to her advantage.
Lips slightly pulled apart, dark and unsullied.
Her coquettish eyes are demanding.
He wants a taste of it.
Of everything on her menu.

This night, incantations fill the atmosphere.
The gods have been sought and a goddess sent to the King’s bosom.
Demigods shall be born of this bodily process.

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