Abyss of Eternal Damnation

Curses beckons on you,
Hell awaits you, you who steal our money
During our state of unconsciousness,
Leaving us walking around in emptiness
Like results of a chemistry laboratory…

May your paddle amiss your hands
As you adventure on the sea,
So that your body can be eaten by the
Creatures of the deep…

May your beautiful morning become deep nights,
So that your head may hit the walls of your
Worthless mansion…

May all our possessions you’ve stolen for yourself,
Vanish like a night,
So that your insanity be known by all men…

May your rainy skies be rainless like the great
Deserts of Africa,
So that your thirst will force you to plead from
The ones you’ve once rejected and casted out…

May you journey to the Neverlands,
Where nothing exist and where home is never assured,
So that your soul be lost –
Where nobody will find it!

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