Free Bird

I heard his footsteps
Before I saw his face
I knew he was coming for me
I knew what he was coming for

I was afraid
I wanted to run and hide
But it was a fruitless effort
‘Cause my legs failed me

Then his face appeared
The face that I dread a lot
The one that shocks me even in dreamland
The one that gives me chills

With the look on his face
And his wicked smile
I knew he was going to do it
He was going to force me again

He was going to stick it in between my thighs
I could already feel the hurt
I realized I couldn’t bear it
Not anymore

It happened suddenly that I became frightened
I felt the sticky liquid on my palms
And he fell down with a thud
I am a murderer

I have killed him
I have snuffed the life out of the creature
And that triumphant smile crossed my lips
I ran away like a free bird

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