Willful Surprise

“You don’t know me until you met me,” she said, to the Hercules of a man she met online two days ago. Though she hadn’t met him, yet she fell in love with him.

“Is this infatuation or real affection?” This question kept popping in her head like the crest and trough of a sinusoidal wave. It was last month Oke ditched her over a piece of pizza while they were on their third date. She didn’t know whether it was because she wanted to heal from the broken relationship or whether she wanted to forget about him so fast.

In the end, she just wanted this new online dude so badly that it seems she was the progenitor of the whole thing.

Sonia was revered amongst her peers as a lady that always got what she wanted. Starting from her secondary school days, when she wanted to be the head girl, the president of the debating club. All these she got with almost a flick of her fingers.

She had heard of online relationship, especially the ones with total strangers that don’t end well, where most times, it is the ladies that suffer the most. But she didn’t give a damn; all she wanted was just to be with this dude of her fantasy.

She went on to ask him of his number, which was an unusual thing amongst ladies. Though this dude was reluctant in giving her his contact, she was resilient until she got the number of her bounty.

Two weeks later, she was already asking him if she could come to his place, which he agreed hesitantly.
Well, from his online pictures, all she had in head was a Thor-like figure with all the best manly features you could ever imagine.

By the time she left her apartment to head to 17 Ogamba street, she was excited about the guy she had not met as if she was newbie entering a relationship for the first time.

When she finally arrived at his apartment, she press the door alarm button, and a crippled man on a wheelchair came to open the door.

She said, “Is Kelvin at home?”

And to her weirdest and wildest surprise, the young dude on the wheelchair said, “I am Kelvin.”

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