Every Knot Begins to Unravel (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

Continued from the last part…

“You….. what?” Leah echoed as she stepped away from him. “Are you playing me or what? What in God’s name are you saying boy?” she demanded.

The boy tried to manage a smile but failed. “I’m sorry but it wasn’t my intention to cause you pain; it’s just that you are the only person that can help us now.”

“Why do you keep on saying that?” Leah said in a strangled voice as she struggled to control her emotions, it felt like she was reprimanding her younger brother. “You know what, go away… let me think. Shooo!”

The boy refused to budge. Leah threw him a surly look.

“So in summary, all you are saying is that you’re the one who somehow upset the balance of time and transported me from my present to this past?” Leah stated looking at him. The boy nodded.

“We do not have much time Leah, we must go before my father does something drastic,” the boy said as he stretched out his hand to her.

“How did you know my name?” she asked suspiciously looking down at the hand.

“I know everything there is to know about you. I know you’re a thief and you have a boyfriend who is also a thief.”

Leah brows rose at that statement. “Had,” she corrected, “we are no more together.” The boy hid a small smile at that statement.

“There are some things you still don’t understand yet. I know for instance that there’s someone trying to kill you. You’ve been simply brought here for safekeeping, but you’ll have to trust me on this, please,” the boy pleaded.

The word “Trust me” reminded her of a similar word someone once said to her; he had said it with all sincerity and she had blindly believed him like a fool but then…

Leah found herself moved by something in his eyes and against her better judgement she chose to trust him. She nodded and followed him as they ran out of the palace together. None tried to stop them, they were too shocked to see their prince running out with the evil woman, but they would still recover and come for her so they hurried.

After running for several minutes, they got to a shade and the boy stopped and brought out an amulet.

“What’s that?” Leah queried.

“It is what I used to bring you here. We are going back to the future, and then you’ll finally understand everything.”


Tobi took over the driving and let Zik wallow in his grief.

“Evil bastard,” Tobi thought as he looked at him with distaste; then his expression softened as his thought went to Leah, his sweet, strong girlfriend. God! He missed her so bad that the ache in his gut never seemed to leave.

He felt sick at what he did to her but then, that couldn’t be avoided. He just had to do it to keep her out of harms way. To keep her safe from the evil that threatened over their heads. The evil planned by their mutual friend. He looked at Zik again and wished he could throttle the life out of him. He just hoped Leah was safe wherever she was and maybe would forgive him when all this was over but then he doubted that very much.

He peered into the backseat at Mohammed who sat so still probably shocked as well. He wondered if he was in on the whole plan too but he didn’t think so, still he didn’t want to let down his guard. In his line of business, “Trust no one” was the unwritten code and damn if he was gonna trust anyone ever again.


“Why do you keep talking in riddles and double meanings? Why don’t you just explain everything once and for all to me?” Leah demanded as she peered down at Osas, fire sparking in her eyes. “I hate being kept in the dark. Start speaking boy.”

The boy let out a laugh, “I see you’ve not lost your spirit in any way, I can see why Tobi is so crazy over you. Let me treat your shoulder wound first then I promise to tell you everything.” Leah stared at him for a few minutes, wondering what he was hiding, it was driving her crazy. Then she relaxed and let him treat her wound.

He dipped a fabric into a bowl of water and washed out all the blood on the wound surface clean. Leah sucked in her breath, the boy did not appear squeamish; he looked like he had done this a million times. Then he brought out some green powder and poured some on his hand.

“Brace yourself,” he said, “this is going to sting like mad.” Then he poured it on the surface of the wound. Leah bit back a cry as her shoulder felt like it had been dipped into a hot vat of oil. She groaned from the effort of keeping it all in as sweat beaded on her brows. Her eyes were swimming and vision gradually faded till she saw herself falling into a deep black hole of nothingness.

When she came to, the boy was at her side peering into her face.

“Welcome back to the world sunshine,” he said with an annoyingly cheerful smile. “You did good, most men cry like a baby when that powder is poured on their wounds.”

Leah grunted in appreciation as she struggled to stand upright, she tested her shoulder, miraculously she felt no pain, none at all. “What was in that stuff you gave me?” she asked Osas curiously “I can no longer feel any pain, was it magic?”

“Not magic,” Osas corrected. “But Osanobua. He is the giver of all life and he is the one who healed you,” Osas said with a sagely smile

Leah looked at him, lost for words, she didn’t just know what to say.

“Let’s just leave that aside and move on to pressing matters,” Osas said with a dismissive air. “I need to tell you this, that which you think is the enemy is not the enemy, he is actually your saviour. Your real enemy is that who appears as a blue eyed angel. You know him as Zik, he is my enemy too.”

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