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I was told you’re the dreams of the night-
The first one little babies have when they smile away
as the breeze breath so low
And there’s no glimmer of light,

You’re are the àwùjè on omo òojó’s
Middle head,
The spot that beats softly as they sleep.

You’re the faint silent stream on
Mother’s cheek, which flows freely
When the nurse said;
‘It’s a girl ‘

The clouds of joy that assembles
To rain the fulfillment of joy,
The faint scent from the flower field
And the only pink apple in brother’s chest.

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About Aderinoye Festus Adedayo

Aderinoye Martins Festus Adedayo (Pen name as festty¶) is a graduate of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo. He studied English Language / Sgt. He is a book worm, a natural psychologist, a crazy and mysterious psychic. He was named 'The Inspired Idiot' after the great Sir. William Wordsworth. He is also a teacher, a photographer and enjoys talking to books more than to humans. He's partly stupid, partly paranormal. He digs everything—secrets, studied occult, mysticism, talks to the air and enjoys being around nature.

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