My Husband Has Gone Mad

It was just like yesterday, we were in love
You said you were crazy over me
Now I can’t believe it’s for real
You said you were nuts over me
I was overjoyed
But I never reasoned you would actually go nuts

The early years of our marriage was pure bliss
I was certainly the luckiest woman on earth
Your actions said way more than words could ever
You proved you were crazy in love over me
Now you’re crazy indeed!

You have gone insane
When I thought you were still in-sane
Yet the irony is that
My feelings for you are still in-sane

Do you know the stigma of being the insane man’s wife
Do you feel the pain I go through every night
Do you care I cry tears of agony in my bed
Can you still feel? Do you still care?
I look into your eyes and all I see is blank.

The children keep asking where their father is
With what mouth can I say their father is insane
Every night my body yearns for your touch
How can I convince it that you’ve gone insane
I try to hate you, I try to forget you
The struggle is intense, I can’t seem to lose you
Please tell me, I’m I gradually going insane

You should have fought it, you shouldn’t have given in
Now tell me, how am I suppose to love an insane man?

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