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Momma Died Because of Me

“See Cynthia, this man has agreed to pay five hundred thousand naira for a night with you,” Linda started, “no one can ever pay you that much for a night.”

“I am just scared,” I said, “I haven’t done it before.”

“There is always a first time for everything,” Linda said.

“I never envisaged my first to be this way,” I snapped while letting a tear drop.

“I understand Cynthia, but think about your mother…” she went on and on while she drew me close to her.

Yes, my mum, the only person in my life. My only family. She was fighting brain tumour and needed a quick surgery.

Having nothing but a small shop which was almost out of stock, I went to Linda for help. Being just eighteen and faced with a lot of responsibilities, I quickly applied light makeup and boarded a taxi to the address of the hotel written for me by Linda on a piece of paper.

I was ushered into a room, which had a pot bellied man on the king sized bed.

“Come here baby,” he said with a hungry look.

I staggered towards him, while muttering prayers out of my breath.

“You can do this Cynthia, do it for mama. After all, what has good morals gotten you?” That was all that was going on in my head.

I shut my eyes while his fat arms explored round my innocent body. I couldn’t help but feel disgusted and at a point felt like puking as his saliva was all over my neck.

When he stood up to remove his trousers, I quickly shoved him aside and ran out of the room.

My strength failed me.
My fears won.
My friend blamed me.
And death came for my mum but I was still intact.

Here I am stroking the manhood of a stranger, not for the money nor for fun. But to take away that hymen which I couldn’t sacrifice to keep momma alive.

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