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An Open Letter to Every African Parent

Child abuse spans beyond mere sexual, physical and mental violation of a child. It goes beyond severe deprivation of a child’s primary needs. I have just discovered another type of child abuse commonly found amongst poor African parents, and this is usually seen in the way some parents give birth to children.

A couple who gives birth to more children than they can raise and nurture responsibly with the sole aim of having more children to take care of them in their old age or alleviate them from their poor background are involved in child abuse.

Emphatically, one major difference between we humans and ordinary animals as regards attitude to child bearing is that we can control our sexual desires and also manipulate copulation using different techniques to avoid conception.

I was filled with rage when I returned to this ghetto where I grew up only to find one woman pregnant again. She was already a mother of six and her last child was still a toddler.

Her husband was just a mere labourer who finds it difficult to feed himself let alone his family of seven. His household was the exact illustration of squalor.

Parenthood is not gamble. It is not a question of: “Perhaps, if this one does not become rich, the other one must definitely be rich.”

The truth is, it is easier for a couple with just two kids to have a good future and a stable life for their two children than another couple of the same financial status, who out of illeteracy and naivety gave birth to seven children.

Please childbearing is not a poverty alleviation program. You can still get that medical doctor, biochemist, lawyer and business tycoon you ernestly desire even when you give birth to one child.

Just note this: the product you desire is deeply engraved in the process of training and nurturing, as input is equal to output. This is one of the reasons the children of rich men keep getting rich while the poor keep getting poorer.

Chances are that among your numerous children none will be successful. This goes to both existing and prospective parents Give birth according to your overall capacity and stop brooding corruption in our society.

I have written as inspired.

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