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Valentine’s Diary

Coming to Mbaukwu for my Prescience programme was the first opportunity I had to stay away from my parents. I had freedom like never before. There was no more:

“Val, go and wash the car.”

“Val, where did you go to?”

“Val, whose call did you just answer in the bathroom?”

My father knew how to watch over my siblings and I. If he existed during the Bible days, he would have been the watch man that watched over Jerusalem.

For the first few weeks, night class had become a routine for me. This was not because I loved reading, but because of my crush, Lisa who was a night class addict.

One morning as we were chatting on WhatsApp, she asked me if I’d done the three-letter word before.

Where would I have do it? Is it when the school bus would carry you to and from school. Sincerely, I told her no.

“Then why don’t I teach you during night class tonight?” she asked.

Wow! That had been the best offer I’ve had in my entire life. Onyeka was there with me, and he lectured
me very well so that I will not ‘fall my hand’. Then he handed a condom to me and charged me ₦150 for it.

Just then, my roommate came back from morning prayers. Well, after telling him about my adventure that night, he told me that we had vigil in our church that night and that our pastor instructed every one to be in church by 6pm.

“The vigil can go to hell,” I rudely exclaimed.

After then, I stared looked at the old square-shaped
wall clock which was hanging directly opposite me, above our wooden shelf. This wall clock caught my attention, and drove my thoughts towards home.

My father had threatened hell and high water if I did not bring back the wall clock after school. According to him, it was the last thing my grand mother had bought for him before her death. So he cherished it so dearly. If not for Aunty Maggie, his elder sister, he wouldn’t have released it.

I was so much lost in thought that in less than twenty minutes, I was involved in this heavy fight between sleeping and being awake, of course the former won.


I left my logde around 6pm, despite the fact that the villagers imposed a curfew of 7pm because of their traditional festival. It was a dull and drizzling evening and I met Lisa and six other students in the classroom. After a few minutes of fake reading, she handed me a written note which instructed me to join her in a class in the block adjacent to the one we were in.

I left few minutes after her to avoid suspicion. The class was the last class which was close to the bush and it was almost isolated from the major buildings.

As soon as I got into the classroom, she dragged me to the wall and kissed my brains off; Lisa was very fair and had berry-red lips. I opened my mouth, gulped in some air, before lowering my mouth to her chest. I drove the tip of my tongue round her areola just the way an electron revolves round it’s orbit, flicking her nipples intermittently as Onyeka had taught me.

This was enjoyable to her as she moaned in pleasure. On hearing her moan, I felt like a man, because Onyeka had told me that if I couldn’t make her moan, then I wasn’t a man.

“Can I take you home?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Sure, babe,” I swiftly replied, lost in sexual allure. I quickly grabbed my biology and fetched the condom inside. I tore the sachet with my teeth since my hands were shaking like someone that had Parkinson’s disease.

As I turned around, Lisa was no where to be found, and even though the bulbs in the class had died down and was no longer functional, I saw the light in other classes go off. Everywhere became pitch dark. Just, then a sharp lightening struck, as though the heavens were taking a picture, and a loud, deafening thunder followed, making way for another lightening strike.

I gazed at the half closed door and saw the tail of a large python crawling out, part of the body was already outside the door. Just then, my phone vibrated. It was a text from Lisa, and it read:

“What’s up Val ? Sorry my battery ran down and so I couldn’t call you. I know you couldn’t go to the night class due to the rain. I did not come either. See you tomorrow in school. Love you.”

What the hell? Who did I come here with? I tried to call Lisa’s number, but my phone tripped off due to low battery. I was drenched in horror, I felt a surge of trepidation over my veins. I quickly remembered the odd stories about pythons in Mbaukwu.

I screamed but my voice was drowned by the loud thunder and violent winds. I started praying, “Jesus, Jesus, please forgive me. I will never sin again.”

Just then my adrenalin level got to its peak, and I opened the door and ran outside. The wind was so violent, a number of owls were perched atop the gigantic mango trees outside. The branches and leaves of the threes danced and hummed in
manifestation of the squally wind; fallen leaves and other debris whirled up and formed a tall and dreadful cylindrical structure. The lightening source opened up intermittently after which the thunderstorm roared.

I ran back into the class trembling and hid myself between two desks at the edge of the class. I slapped myself to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating as goosebumps appeared all over my body.

Just then, the bulbs in the classroom gave an otherworldly twitch in their glow. God please save me! The bulbs were faulty, I was sure. Yet I looked at the switches, but they were all turned off.

A beastlike shadow appeared at the corridor, the door was wide open and I watched this shadow increase in size. My heartbeat tripled, and the next thing I felt was a rough hand on my shoulder. Then the voice came again but this time around it was no longer a sexy voice.

“Can I take you home?” the voice inquired behind me.

“No, no. I don’t want to go home please,” I fearfully squealed.

Then my vision blurred, and I started losing consciousness. Then everything went black.

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