Born from nineteen eighty-two
Millennials arrived, that includes me and you
The next great generation, we were called
Birth after birth, by the number we were hauled
Into this world, where we’ve every right to live in
The future was bright, technology had kicked in
These kids were going to handle global warming, climate change
And replace the baby boomers when it was time for a change

Fast forward to now, and millennials are not fit
Doing drugs, smoking dope, here, my lungs, take a hit
From this cigarette that’ll probably take my life
Before I grow old enough to even get a wife
These people know no peace, they are constantly struggling
To be like the other person who they think is bubbling
The person who travels from Paris to Milton Keynes
His life’s perfect like a movie, how about the behind the scenes

Instagram and Snapchat were made to make us feel better
About ourselves, while hiding behind an image filter
But when the apps are closed and camera lights are out
That’s the time our inner demons come out
Self-doubt, anger, pain, people mentally stressed
Suicide is on the rise, millennials are depressed
And until we bridge the gap and know what they hide inside
More of us will die, bodies buried side by side.

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