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Colour Me Red, For I Love the Wild Side


“Who the hell did she think he was?” he thought angrily. He was done being Mr. Nice Guy. If she wanted to kill herself then, she was by all means free to do so.

He couldn’t believe the man he had become this past few months all because of Chelsea. He literarily became a gentleman in every sense of the word. He was considerate for once in his life, caring, sensitive and he began opening the car door for her, like seriously? Who had he become?

The Jason of old was a thug, he gave no grounds, he had this physical intimidating appearance like Hymar and so fights broke out whenever he was around.

After his Mum’s death, he joined the streets and this toughened him up in more ways than he could imagine. Yet despite leaving all this for one lady, she had put him in a friend zone. Wow! He was so done with her.

He opened the car door angrily, jumped into the car and zoomed off into the night with his speed limit way past the normal level. The wild rush of wind past his ears, the thought of getting himself a girl for the night, made him to let out a loud whoop. He didn’t give a fuck, he was back!


Chykah was getting worried, her daughter was not yet home by 9:30 pm. She had promised she would be home no later than 9:00 and it was 9:30 already.

“Okay calm yourself,” she said to herself as she took a few calming breaths. “It’s all right, she’s only with Jason, nothing can go wrong. It might just be the traffic holding them up,” she tried to reassure herself, yet she couldn’t shake off this premonition that something was wrong. A mother always knew when her child was in trouble. Her instincts were never wrong, and right now they were screaming that Chelsea was in trouble.

She tried her number.

The MTN number you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment. Please try again later. Thank you,” came the bored programmed voice of the MTN operator over the phone. She tried it again five times and it was still the same. At the fifth attempt, it said it was switched off.

Panic threatened to overwhelm her but she willed herself to stay strong.

“Aduke mi! Where are you?” She wailed as she paced up and down the house. Then she thought of her friend. Jason! He would know where she was since he was with her.

So she called Jason, who wasn’t picking as well until after the third ring.

“Hello.” He sounded breathless.

“Jason!” she shrieked, “Jason, is that you?”

“Yes ma’am. It’s me Jason. What’s wrong?” he answered wearily.

“It’s Aduke oo! She’s not back yet!” she wailed into the phone.

“Aduke?” he asked, “Who’s Aduke?”

“I mean Chelsea!” she screamed further, “Chelsea has not come back yet oo. Where’s my daughter? Where is she?” she rushed out with tears.

His heart slammed with such force that he lost his breath. He left her just outside the cinema and he expected her to have been home by now. Where in Hades was she?

He couldn’t even bear thinking about what that meant.

“Calm down Mummy,” he tried to reassure her, “I’m coming over to your place right now.” With a powerful turn, he swerved his car around, knocking over some trash cans but he did not care. All the thoughts that went through his mind as he raced through the city of Lagos were not good ones. He tried to imagine for both their sakes that she only had problems getting a cab and right now she was getting home. African mothers do over react a lot, so that just might be the case. But he couldn’t shake off this niggling feeling in his gut that something was terribly wrong. It was so unlike Chelsea, she never failed to call home if she was running late. Never! Her image came to his mind. Chelsea. Sweet innocent Chelsea, who was afraid to admit that she was in love with him because of one horrible experience. Well he was gonna make her admit it after this ugly episode was over. How he missed her already, her teasing, loud and expressive laughter and her smile. Oh God! that smile that always tied his belly up in knots.

No matter how he tried to fight it, he couldn’t stop it more than he could stop the rain from falling. Chelsea had changed him in more ways than one and he was a fool when it came to her.

As he parked in front of their house, Chelsea’s mother flew out, looking worried and scared. He felt bad for her, Chelsea was the only one she had after her husband had walked out on them years ago. She had been so strong for so long that she couldn’t help it again.

“Chykah ma’am, please calm down. I’m here now and we’ll deal with this together,” he said with a trusting smile. He could see her struggling within; she was so strong, she was so used to being both father and mother that she found it difficult to relax.

“It’s all right,” he said again. She visibly relaxed and came into the car.

“Where should we go first?” she asked calmly.

“Let’s just look around the neighborhood ma’am. Something might come up,” he said, then cringed. He sounded like he was sure she had been kidnapped. If so, then by who? So they drove around for a while.

“There! There! I see something glittering there,” she called out anxiously. Jason stopped the car and they both got out to look.

“Oh my God! Oh no!” Chykah exclaimed as her face went pale and crumpled with tears. Jason followed her gaze and saw it. Chelsea’s purse!

He was crushed. He’d been trying to ignore what his brain had been telling him all the while. She had been kidnapped and he had a pretty good idea of who it was.

“It is Bayo, isn’t it?” Chykah said with a weary sigh. She looked years older. “That bastard has never stopped chasing my little girl even after their break up,” she screamed. She turned to Jason with wild eyes.

“Promise me, Jason, promise me you’ll get him! The law in this country is in shambles, so going to the police is out of it, but I can trust you. Promise me!” she cried.

He looked into the purse and he saw a strange phone which wasn’t Chelsea’s and a picture on it. Chelsea gagged and tied up. A wild uncontrollable rage rose up within him; saw red, his whole body felt alive again.This was something he knew how to do. Bayo messed with the wrong guy!

I promise you ma’am,” he growled.

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