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Too Soon

Alarm! Alarm!

She just realised that she had not seen her period since last month; she waits till the second month and nothing shows up. The awareness that this was pregnancy ushered her into a state of emotional volatility. This feeling heightened when she discovered she could not decipher the actual father of the child.

After a few days of thinking, she realised it could be Kenneth, because Shola the Corp member deflowered her about three months ago. He had also had a piece of the cake four more times since then.

Kenneth had just done it once and she was sure he didn’t cum, because it was a quickie, which they did not finish. Probably they were interrupted.

“What happened to the boiled 7Up, the mixed salt and water that I took?” she thought.

She finally summoned up courage and called Shola, gave him the news but unfortunately he had concluded his national service and returned to the west. He denied and threatened to kill her if she accused him again.


She decided to offload it on Kenneth. He too panicked and denied.

Gradually, the pregnancy signs started showing. Mum discovers it first and beats the hell out of her. Dad refused to register WAEC for her as planned and decided to withdraw her from school.

Mum took her to Kenneth’s house on several occasions but his parents were convinced their seventeen-year old boy who they always locked up in the house could not do such a thing.

They decided to go for paternity test after child birth with terms and conditions.

Kenneth continued with his education.

Corper Shola got a job and lived happily.

She dropped out of school, and joined her Mum in the tomato and pepper business.

She could no longer go to church because of the numerous questions from members and side talks.

Her friends isolated from her and she became depressed. She was subjected to social malnutrition.

Dad hurls insults and abusive words at her.

Mum embarrassed her at intervals, forgetting that she had a child out of wedlock before marrying dad. She thought of suicide but couldn’t execute it.

The streets became hell for her, even goats mock her when she walked along the street. The pain became unbearable; no one cared to show love anymore.

What a harsh society with a one sided cultural inclination.

Once upon a time, two birds Peter and Paul sat on a wall

Peter made the noise that attracted the hunter and flew away safely, but Paul got shut down.

Finally, she gave birth and bore the pain of training the child as a teenage mother. She finalised that men are wicked. And decided not to fall in love.

Dedicated to every pregnant or teenage mother around. Don’t let this little mistake deprive you of your great future.

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