A Prisoner’s Dream

A man; denied of freedom,
A prisoner; locked up in poverty,
The walls; limiting all dreams,
The room; feeding on his mortality.

Here sat the prisoner,
Long lost in eternal darkness,
His life, no longer belonging to him,
His soul, a victim of captivity.

And here; his captivator,
Blocking and denying all dreams,
He knows not what the world looks like,
His memories of freedom, long lost in silence.

Dreams of freedom and reinstallation,
Feelings of loneliness and self hatred,
Trials of becoming a freeman,
All truned down on his bald head.

We are all prisoners to something,
Where the few rule the masses,
Where transgression vitiate our souls,
We dream of freedom, but denied.
We fight in silence, but ignored.

The man; you and I,
The walls; things that limit and incarcerate us,
The room; the few opulents that ruled our lifes,
The dreams; things we fight for to achieve.

These stony walls that deny our freedom,
This transgression that makes us imuissant…
Now be break free our minds,
Stretched our freedom beyond your extortionate deride,
And now we will march through those gates
And smash the captivator
Which has been blocking our freedom

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