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A Blast to the Past (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

…Continued from last part…

Tobi blinked twice as sweat dropped down his eye lash. When he was sure that Leah was not moving on the ground anymore, he pointed the pistol on his arm and shot himself. “Aaaaaargh,” he screamed through clenched teeth as he disposed of the gun and held his arm to stop the blood rush.

He stumbled out of the room into the stairs to avoid the securities that were coming from the elevator. Barely had he gotten to the fourth flight of stairs when he heard the sounds of men running upwards issuing commands. He stopped, frozen, and began to run back up again; more men were coming from there as well. Only one option was left for him, there was a small glass window at the end of the stairs he was on now. He could break the windows and let out a rope down. That’s if it was long enough. But then it was worth trying, staying here he would be dead meat anyways. So he got to the end of the stairs, broke through the window with his elbow, and shielded his eyes as glass shattered. Then he let out the rope and tied the other end firmly to the ledge. The rope didn’t reach the ground completely but it would suffice.

There wasn’t much time anymore, the sounds were getting closer and heading his way. He climbed and grabbed hold of the rope as he let himself down, he was forced to hold the rope with only one hand because of his injured hand, and when he got to the end of the rope, he jumped and just in time because the guards had gotten to the window and they began to shoot, he quickly rolled himself away from the line of fire but one shot got him in the leg.

Zik drove the car like a maniac and brought it in from of him with a mighty screech. ” Hop in!” he shouted barely waiting for him to enter before zooming off.

“Where’s Leah?” Zik asked Tobi, looking at him through the front mirror.

Tobi avoided his eyes. “She…” he took a deep breath, “She was hit.”

“What do you mean she was hit? Where the hell is Leah man!” Zik demanded as he hit the break, suddenly jerking them violently from their seats.

“I asked a question and I need answers man.” Tobi had never seen Zik look this angry, a small shiver of fear ran through him.

“I tried to save her really, but one of the guards shot her and she was dead before I could get to her.”

“No oo,” Zik moaned with unblinking eyes. “This is not happening, you’re lying man I know you are…. you should have tried harder. You shouldn’t have left her there all by herself,” Zik shouted holding Tobi by his clothes even though Tobi was far bigger than he was. Tobi didn’t resist, a picture of grief.

“You might be pained right now,” Tobi was saying, “but don’t forget that she was my girlfriend and I loved her.” Zik didn’t reply, didn’t say anything. Grief had made his face age in minutes. He didn’t even protest when Tobi pushed him to the other seat to take control of the wheel and hid a small smile.

Nooooooooooo,” his mind screamed as tears ran down his face. Sweet Leah was gone!


Leah woke up feeling groggy, her head felt like a carnival of drums and her shoulders hurt so bad that she cried out in pain. “Where am I?” was the thought that floated in her head. She wasn’t conscious of her surrounding, could only feel the pain that throbbed steadily on her right shoulder.

She struggled to open her eyes and met with a strange sight. She was in some sort of palace looking up into the face of an oba generously arrayed with so much costly beads and crown jewels that would have made Tobi’s mouth water. “Yes Tobi,” her mind said as she struggled to remember what happened.

She was in the room with him waiting to pick up the jewels and escape fast because the alarms had started blaring. Yes, yes it was all coming back now. The bastard shot her, she thought as hot tears pricked her eyes, she blinked them back. She won’t cry. Never will she shed tears for a Judas like him, but it didn’t make the pain any easier. She loved him and thought he loved her too, how mistaken she was. She looked around confused. The oba was now pacing around and his chiefs were looking confusedly scratching their heads.

“How on earth did I get here?” she wondered incredulous, she would have thought it was the face of the police she would look up to when she woke up, not this place. This place that looked like she had been transported to the past.

“Uh oh! Trouble,” she said within herself as she saw the confused faces of the people, she felt like laughing but she knew if she did she would be considered mad. The situation was truly funny. She and boyfriend go steal some crown jewels, boyfriend whom she loves shoots her and boom! She finds herself in the past. How funny, she thought as a bubble of hysterical laughter rose in her throat.

The oba was saying something but she couldn’t understand, it sounded like Chinese. She listened closely and was actually surprised to discover that the language was familiar, it was Bendel. She often heard her father speak when she was younger. She struggled to sit upright, holding her bleeding shoulder with her right hand.

“Excuse me sirs, I don’t know what you are saying but I’ll appreciate it very much if you could get me a first aid kit,” she said looking around. Ten blank faces stared back at her like she was speaking gibberish.

“Shit!” she said in frustration, “I’m in deep shit.”

Read Part Five.

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