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The Theft (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

…Continued from last part…

Everyone turned to face Tobi at Leah’s question.

“Don’t you worry, I’ve got a plan on that,” he said with a wave of his hand as he dismissed the question.

“If you have a master plan,” Leah questioned, “don’t you think we ought to hear it here?”

“I said I will get us out, didn’t I?” Tobi asked, stretching out on the chair as he turned to face Leah inquiringly, “or are you doubting me?”

Leah held his gaze for a long time, searching. Then she gave an almost imperceptible nod and Tobi nodded too.

“I promise, I’ll get us out babe, just trust me,” he said as he reached out and squeezed her fingers. “Okay so gather at the back of the museum tomorrow by 9:00am on the dot.” Tobi said as he looked at the rest of the group. “And please,” he said facing Mohammed, “be early for once, we don’t want to have to wait for you.”

Mohammed let out a noncommittal grunt in reply.


By nine on the dot, they were all assembled at the back of the museum; Mohammed was early which was a surprise. Leah rubbed her cold hands together as adrenaline kicked into her system. She was dressed in her customary black jeans, black top, black baseball hat and black trainers.

Tobi was dressed in similar fashion but he had on a disguise as expected. Gone was the potbelly and white moustache, rather he now had on a black goatee, round rimmed glasses and a baseball hat. Mohammed and Zik were casually dressed, since they would be operating from the car.

“Are you ready?” Tobi asked Leah reaching out to caress her cheek.

“Yes I am,” she breathed.

Then they both put on the overall bearing the company’s logo behind it and carried their tool box.

“Stop! Don’t do this,” a voice screamed in her head.

Leah looked at Tobi. “Did you say something?” she asked. Tobi looked at her strangely.

“No I didn’t. Are you fine?” he asked concerned.

“I’m fine. I am really, I just thought you said something that’s all.” she said as she avoided his eyes and jumped out of the truck.

That was weird; she could have sworn it was Tobi. “So who was it then?” she asked herself as she rubbed her palms against the goosebumps on her arms.

“Follow my lead,” Tobi said and stealthily crossed the street to the other side avoiding the street lamps. Leah followed likewise, her hunting instincts kicking in.

When they got to the front gate, Tobi knocked twice before a guard peeked out.

“What do you want?” he asked. His English had a heavy Hausa accent.

“Electronic repair,” Tobi said sparingly as he flashed the guard his phony ID card.

The guard stared at it for a few minutes then waved them in.

“Head straight for the elevator,” Tobi said from the side of his mouth as they approached reception.

“Excuse me, what do you…?” the receptionist started to say, but Tobi flashed the ID in front of her with a charming smile and she got distracted while Leah went up to set the ground.

“What took you so long?” Leah hissed as soon as he joined her.

“She needed a lot of convincing,” he replied with a small smile. “Jealous much?” he asked as he suddenly pulled her close, giving her ear a soft love bite.

“You know me better than that.” she replied with a huff as she pulled out of his arms.

They worked over the motions together as they took off their overalls first and brought out the tools.

“The vault is on the last floor,” Leah said as they climbed into the elevator and she pressed on the fifth floor which was the last.

As the doors opened they were confronted by two guards who guarded the vault but they were ready and so Leah took them both out in less than a minute with swift kicks to their temples, knocking them out flat.

“Smooth!” Tobi exclaimed, admiration in his eyes. “I see you’ve not lost your touch.”

Leah siddled up to him with a sultry smile and purred. “Now why on earth would that happen?”

With a gleam of triumph in her eyes, she bent down to pick the lock within her wire. A soft click told her the job was done. As she opened the door and her mouth fell open.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed as her eyes beheld the jewel. Tobi pushed past her to get a glimpse and his mouth fell open as well.

“Baby!” he turned to her eyes shining “We are rich!” he exclaimed, “we’re fucking rich!” He lifted her in his arms, bridal style and twirled her around.

“Hey let’s not get carried away, we still have work to do,” Leah said, eyes lit with happiness too.

Conscious of time, they started work immediately. Tobi put on his night goggles which showed the infra red lights around the jewels, highlighting the beams placed around it for security. He removed his baseball hat, folded up the sleeves of his shirt and stepped out into the center, carefully weaving through the red lines, his heart in his mouth. Twice, he came close to the red lights but for Leah’s shout that he should watch out.

He finally got to the jewel, took it out of the glass case and replaced it with an imitation thereby tripping off the alarms. He quickly slid the jewel into his pocket and turned to face an excited Leah who was signalling that they should go now.

The first thought that flitted across his mind was how beautiful she looked and how well they fit. He gave a sad smile and shot her.

Read Part Four.

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  1. Comment:wow amazing story I had to read it backwards as it caught my attention from WhatsApp good work.
    guess I’ll catch up with u in school

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