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Blackout (Part 1)

She walked out of the elevator with a smile plastered on her face. She couldn’t have been happier as her life was turning out just like she planned.

Struggling through the university was difficult, not finding a job was bad enough. All that was until she met him. The ‘he’ who put her to the position she is today.

“Too bad that he is married though, I could have had him all to myself,” she thought as she walked down the corridor to her door.

His marriage didn’t stop them from having an affair though. She was clearly happy being ‘the other woman’ as far as it puts a meal on her table and aids her to fend for her parents.

To her, he was God-sent, her destiny maker as she calls him. Her childhood days flashed through her mind and she was glad she didn’t disappoint herself.

In a country where millions are jobless, she was glad to have a job even if it meant opening her legs for the boss. “Hu morals ellp?” she asked rhetorically.

She was once a ‘good girl’, abstaining from sex, leaving a decent life, working hard to be a ‘wife material’ until society taught her otherwise. She discovered that you have to use what you have to get what your want. It became her watchword and all caution was thrown to the wind.

She put the key in the lock and was shocked to see it open with ease. She became tense and decided to enter carefully. She switched on the light and inspected her two-room apartment. Seeing no one, she relaxed a bit.

Then the noise at the corridor, she stood up to check. It was too late, her attacker gave her no chance. She shouted as the baton hit her and fell with a thud.

She struggled and fought the darkness that try to envelope her, she realized soon enough that it was a lost cause. She heard her laugh, “Yes, it could only be her, the boss’s wife,” she murmured as she plunged deep into the darkness she tried to fight. It was painless.

Read Part 2.

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