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Love Without Hope

Dear genotype

Do you know?
He was there, at the altar with another woman in my place?
Do you know how much I tried to fight it? My emotions, my tears?

Sitting amongst the congregation, you won! Thanks to you, I didn’t get to see them kiss.

This was Charles. My childhood sweetheart.
We were just kids when we fell in love without even knowing what it was!

I had only one knowledge of love and it was all because of Charles, my childhood sweetheart.

Growing up, I thought I had found the love of my life who would share my dreams and I would later share his home!
I thought I had found the man who I would carry more than his secrets… his children.

I had always seen the future in his eyes.
We were so perfect and compatible and passed every test, except your test.
At that moment I wished you never existed.

And then, I opened up to Dan.
He was the kind of man I fantasized to be with.

But then… you said no.
All you get to do is put a stop to beautiful things, beautiful moments, beautiful humans.

But it’s all good.
I just need a favour from you.

Can you smile to me in this next one?

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