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Valentine Gift

Ajoke seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning as her mouth felt sour. She sat on the edge of her bed supporting her mentum with her fist. Globules of tears could be seen dropping down from her cheeks.

“No! I can’t take it anymore,” she mumbled. A cold wind from the balcony moved the curtains against the empty room. The room was cool but Ajoke sweated profusely. She fixed her eyes on the mirror using her left hand to feel the texture of her breast. It looked swollen and protruding. Its the second week of Valentine and I’m yet to see my period; it now confirms the doctors test that I’m pregnant and HIV positive. He said I still have a chance to live. No, that’s not true. I can’t take it anymore, I can’t bear the pain any longer.

“What will I tell my parents? Why did I do this?” she muttered to herself. She remembered the times she had with Alex. The Valentine’s day night. He spoke so spoke so soft with his baritone voice, his wild beards was a perfect match to his plump stature which gave him that Pete Edochie look. His mellifluous voice wets my thighs and a touch of his hands sends me to the wonderland. I had so much fun on that day 14th February. After spending sometime at the boutique. Finally I’ve gotten those expensive clothes and shoes that I always desired. I felt so happy and fulfilled. He’s the kind of man that every lady will desire to have, he’s so caring, handsome, rich and above all he drives the latest Benz. I can’t wait to sit in the front as an executive lady.

We drove into Chydels Hotels to finish up what we started, I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant for him. We started kissing, I held his pintle tight and gave him a fellatio, he moaned, I gave him the whole of me. He explored my rainforest while I gave his rocky savanna a deserved treatment. It’s two months now and his number is not reachable. Stupid me, I don’t even know where he lives.

She rose to her feet and inched to the kitchen. She picked up the pen knife ready to end it.

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