Broken, Battered

Broken, used, discarded
Nothing makes sense again
Broken shards on the ground
Fragments of my broken self
Wish I could summon the ability
But I’m afraid I’m alien to it
What is Love?
But a figment of our imagination
A secret wish of the desperate ones
Who delude themselves into ever after
Can’t feel no matter what
‘Cause I’m broken
And too tired to care
You come with all your promises and sweet words
But I know you’re no different from him
Just a younger version
You claim you love me
You claim I light up your life
Tell me, how can I make you feel all this
When I’m dead from within
And can feel no light in me

So strange and alien
Father never lived it
Mother never introduced me to it
Yet got something close in a twisted way
From he who broke the hymen at six
Breaking spirit, body and soul
Innocence became a thing of appeal
Shapeless hips and flat chest
had the ability to quicken the “Aaron’s rod”

He broke my seal
Spilling forth his seed
Telling me be still!
As he pumped into me still!

Call me bitter if you want
It doesn’t change my stand on Love
I can still hear him every night
Still feel him in my dreams
Still scream the way I used to
It turned him on he always said

I’m afraid I got baggage
I can’t be the woman you want me to be
I’m all messed up here
Even if I try
I can’t
To love

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