I remember when you couldn’t do without me
A touch, a kiss, a wink
You never failed to give me
You said I was the only one
While there were a dozen of Chiomas claiming one
How was I to know that the same smile which shattered my defences
The same touch which set aflame my senses
The same hug which oozed safety and comfort wasn’t meant for me alone

I tried to overlook your flaws
knowing it would open your heart doors
You made me do things I only dreamt of
Making me a stranger to myself thereof
Sex doesn’t keep a man they say
How late that warning came in pain
Body, Money, Time I gave
Willing to believe you were a better male
Not knowing I was setting myself for a fall
with eyes wide open like a cub

I wish to hate you
But I can’t seem to fake it
I still hold memories dear
With the faint hope your head will go clear
Call me a besotted fool if you dare
I can’t seem to give a care

Moving on is hard
You moved on way too fast
Leaving me with scars and regret tonight
wishing I had the better sense that night
Could have saved myself a lot of pain
Knowing I’m still chaste

I wish to hate you
But feeling them don’t come
You would have been “The One”
But deluded I was, for I was played by you!

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