I Love You💕

I pretend I don’t see you bouncing up the steps with your spry walk
It’s like you’ve become a compulsory subject all of a sudden I gat to learn
My feelings never show on my face because I’ve grown so used to masking them with talk
I act like I’m interested in Biology when all I wanna know is the biology of your face and body and learn

See, your little jabs and talks are okay with me so long you don’t suspect a thing
Even if my heart wars with my brain daily my stupid pride won’t let you know what I feel
These past few weeks we’ve become so close that I can’t believe you’re so dumb not to suspect a thing
It seems I’m the only one on earth who’s aware of how I truly feel

I’ve gotten so weary and tired of keeping it all in
Now truth be damned I don’t care if you see it
This fragile heart of mine gat so much it can only take in
Maybe I would finally give it a rest the day you tell me you see it

We can be great together, you and I
I could be everything you want with just a word
Inasmuch as we are true to each other shunning lies
I can pick up the broken fragments of your heart and make them right with love
For it is you I love and no other.

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