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Burning Passion

She came home somber and subdued, tear streaks on her face; she tried to hide from prying eyes as she let herself into their one room apartment in Ojuelegba. Pain threatened to tear up her insides and the fear of consequences made her hands shake badly as she unlocked the door.

Once inside the safety of room she locked the door, slid down against it and broke down on the floor. She cried like a baby, shoulders heaving as great droplets of tears fell down like rain. “I’m dead,” she moaned, her eyes fell on the object in her hand and she cried harder. “What was I thinking?”

No one was at home with her to witness this stark display of raw emotion and pain, so she let loose and cried bitterly. Her tears told stories—stories of betrayal, lost trust and deep agony.

Chiamaka was her name, she had gone out earlier that week to visit her ex who just came back from school, they had parted on good terms so they still remained friends after and he called that he wanted to see her.

“Chi Chi,” he had greeted her exuberantly as he opened the door to let her in and pulled her in for a hug, she didn’t resist but stood stiff in his arms till he released her. She went in and sat down on a chair. “What would you like to eat or drink?” he asked.

“Nothing for now,” she answered, “I ate before leaving the house, but if I’m hungry I’ll let you know,” she finished with a reassuring smile.

He came to sit by her side, and as she shifted for him to sit, he came closer. “Joseph how far na? How your girlfriends them?” she asked teasingly in pidgin English to diffuse the tension. He didn’t answer, just smiled knowingly and continued staring at her.

“Jo?!” she called again. “Yarn me na! I know say they plenty gan.”

“If I tell you about my girlfriend would you tell me about yours?” he interrupted.

“Deal,” she said with a smile, “You first.”

“Her name is Sylvia,” he began, “We met in school, we’re both in the same department, Physics. She’s smart, pretty and funny but she’s not you,” he finished with an intense look.

She began to grow uncomfortable and strangely flattered. “He has not gotten over me yet,” she thought and felt a rush of delight, but then he was giving her this intense look again which was making her wary, she knew that look.

“Hmm,” she cleared her throat to fill up the silence. “Me, I don’t have a boyfriend as of now. I’ve decided to stay on my own for now because I’m not ready to deal with relationship stress and wahala again. Abeg singlehood is bae.”

“I hear,” he replied bursting into laughter. “You single? Tueh! And I am the President of the United States,” he said as he burst into laughter again.

“I’m serious,” she burst out, “Why would I be lying about that kind of thing?” she said as she playfully punched him because he was still laughing at her.

They decided to play chess and after much parrying and shifting of pawns he won her.

“Check Mate!” he cried with glee and proceeded to dance the jigida dance.

“It’s not fair,” she cried, “I would have won if you hadn’t cheated.”

“Cheat? Me? Forget that one, I did not cheat you,” he said with eyes dancing with mischief. “I won you fair and square,” he said again.

“Blah blah blah,” she said to shut out his annoying song which was meant to frustrate her, but then she got a shock when he grabbed her close to him and kissed her. It happened so fast that she was unprepared for it. She felt a mix of emotions at once but the reigning one was anger. She slapped him, hard.

“What is the meaning of this rubbish Jo?” she called out, “What are you trying to prove ehn? What if your girlfriend had walked in on us? What would you have done?” she questioned, anger rolling off her in waves. He didn’t even look repentant.

“Hey babe, why are you getting yourself worked up? It’s just a kiss, come on,” he said as he tried to come close again, but she pushed him away and picked up her bag then turned to leave.

“Wait!” he called out. She didn’t answer. He caught up with her and held her arms, she struggled against him hitting him.

“Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you,” he said with all gentleness, “But if you were to face the fact, I’ll say we both want this… or you would never have come here in the first place knowing fully well that I’ve not gotten over you. And I know you still have feelings for me too, so what’s stopping you? My girlfriend? Forget it, I was just lying, there has not been any girl since you.”

She looked at him and tried to pull away but his grip was too strong and her heart was not letting her rest.

“Stop it,” she whispered, “I beg you just stop it. This cannot be.”

“It can’t be if we want it to be,” he breathed close to her head and dragged her close again. This time she didn’t resist. She couldn’t stop herself no matter how much she tried. Her body betrayed her by responding to his touch and roving hands.

Slowly he stripped her off all her clothes one by one. It was all happening so fast, she couldn’t even stop it if she wanted too. One minute she was still clothed and the other she was clad in only her undies.

“Stop!” the voice of reason screamed in her head but she was too lost to care, the pleasure was too much.

Hands and mouth hot for each other, they looked like animals in heat, boxers flung, panties ripped, they rode each other in the wave of passion till they were spent.

Their breathing slowed and reality intruded. What she just did dawned on her and she wanted to bury her herself into the bed and never come out again. She just gave away her virginity like a cheap whore, she couldn’t even bear looking at Joseph.

“Chi…” he mumbled as he reached for her.

“I’m so sorry.” She drew away, hurriedly picked up her clothes, wore them and fled out of the house with tears streaming and pain tearing up her insides.

And now she was here, in the room with the pregnancy test result in her hand and it read positive. Mother would flay her alive.

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