Let Me

Let me kiss away your tears
Let me kiss away your hurt
Let me treat this sickness the only way I can
And I would cure you using love as a remedy

Let me show you angels still exist on Earth
Let me wrap you up in my embrace and never let you go again
Let me give you the liberty to fill my shoulders with your tears
Let me operate on you and make you whole again

Let me teach you love as an art
Let me guide you through the rhythm and planes of love
Let me be your teacher and you’ll be my student
Let me award you A1 for successfully passing all courses
I would hold you tight and never let you go
And together we’ll walk under the moonlight
My footsteps leading while you follow
Your smile lighting up fires in my insides.

Tee Ha Na

About Tee Ha Na

Tee Ha Na is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University studying English. A lover of books and nature she enjoys her own company when she can have peace and quiet to write to her heart's content. Yet she loves people as well and tries to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets either by smiling, telling jokes or just being herself. Her sole ambition in life is to write, write and keep writing till all the world problems are solved.

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