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The Man Who Died In Our House Yesternight!

I hear a lot of stories about ghosts people a lot in the area where I live in, sometimes when I surf on internet I would stumble on some rare videos of ghost sightings but I never believed them, ghosts to me don’t exist, they are only evil spirits that manipulate ignorant humans to be scared. A dead body stays dead! Superstitious nonsense I would tell myself.

Yesterday a man died in our house, he wasn’t sick or something he was quite all right. I still saw him the day before, I even spoke to him for some minutes and he sounded fine then like a dream we heard he was dead. If I knew maybe I would have greeted him with more enthusiasm, maybe I should have smiled more but it was too late and the finality of it all shook me to the bones.

He died in his room that night and nobody knew except his wife, she had to go sleep in friend’s room because she didn’t want to make noise at the late hour. When I heard the news in the morning my head felt like it was expanding and it felt lighter, I felt lighter. I had passed that very room that night when a cold breeze suddenly blew out causing me to shiver in my skin, goosebumps appeared and if I was the superstitious type I would have said it felt like someone walked over my grave, but then it may just have been the cold night breeze.

I was to reflect later on that experience as my witnessing his passage but then I wasn’t sure he had crossed over, I mean here I was I didn’t believe in ghosts of a thing yet I couldn’t shake off that niggling feeling that the man still lurked around in corners and passages. Ask me why. Because I heard him today in my room.

I was on the bed with my eyes closed trying to sleep when I heard a certain tap tap sound coming from the window, I opened my eyes suddenly and the sound stopped. When I closed it back it continued again in a louder form, I opened my eyes and it stopped. I decided to wait it out so I closed my eyes and the sound resumed growing louder and louder, my nerves became strung tight and I forced my eyes open. The sound stopped abruptly.

What was making that sound?

After some time I heard it no longer and I dismissed it as part of my imagination then I drifted off to sleep.

* * *. *. *

We were watching the Game of Thrones and I was badly pressed, I had been so engrossed that I tried to hold it in but I just couldn’t ignore it anymore, I had to take a piss. It was after eleven but it was just the backyard I was going I had nothing to fear. No one was outside at that late hour, “they are either asleep or watching movies,” I thought absently as I unbuckled my belt and zipper and took a piss.

It was sweet relief. “Aaaargh,” I groaned in ecstasy as I felt the hot urine releasing itself from my hard pressed bladders. I shook my flaccid member slightly to release extra urine then I zipped up, I was about buckling up when I heard the sound again!

My heart dropped to ground and shattered into million bits, my spirit had taken race and deserted me and my legs were trying to escape but the rest of the body refused to co-operate, I was still frozen in fear. I didn’t dare look there for the night had a way of making dark shadows and moving objects seem scary and real.

“Run!” my brain screamed waking me up from my stupor, I held my unbuckled trousers and turned to run. The sound became louder and the dark shapes started to loom closer. “Osanobua!” I cried as I ran faster but then my leg caught on one of my falling trousers and I fell on the ground hard like a bag of beans. I could feel a big bump the size of a golf ball rising rapidly on my forehead. “Is this the end?” I thought to myself as the shadow grew closer and the sounds became louder.

My breathing became heavy and laboured, my nerves were shot to their breaking point. I now finally believed in the existence of ghosts nobody needed to persuade me anymore…

I waited heart in my mouth for whatever hideous thing there to come out.


A cat scurried out, gave a small meow and jumped over the fence.

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Tee Ha Na
Tee Ha Na is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University studying English. A lover of books and nature she enjoys her own company when she can have peace and quiet to write to her heart's content. Yet she loves people as well and tries to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets either by smiling, telling jokes or just being herself. Her sole ambition in life is to write, write and keep writing till all the world problems are solved.
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