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Horror Story in Zuckerville

The half man let out a loud anguished scream into the night. He was hungry, filled with a primal thirsty need for blood. He could almost smell it in the air. Two humans. “Let them come,” he growled to himself as he grinned evilly. It was a party for three.

* * * * * *

“Tobi,” Baba Agba called his only grand son. “Leave that phone you’re pressing now and go deliver these clothes to Iya Sisi, she would be expecting them already. Oyaa! Hurry,” Baba Agba shouted.

Tobi grumbled and groaned loudly. “Baami, I will do it later, let me just finish posting this update,” he responded back. Baba Agba was having none of that it was not under his watch that the son of his late son was going to be spoilt.

“If you don’t stand up from there now..” Baba Agba threatened, “…there will be no food for you this night iwo omo onibaje yii”.

Tobi needed no second prompting, that was the only thing that could ever make him stand up. That he should miss this night’s food of Iyan and Egusi soup with turkey and naturally Pepsi by its side couldn’t even bear thinking at all.

“Ema binu baami,” he apologized and quickly rushed to pick up the package then dashed out of the house. On his way out of their compound he saw his friend and chummy neighbor Stefn who lived two timelines above theirs and could never complete a statement without including Aba!

Tobi was overjoyed to see someone that would accompany him on this long and boring errand even if it meant that he would listen to more of Buhari’s latest actions.

“Stefn!” he called with a smile. “Father sent me on an errand to Iya Sisi house to drop this package, would you like to follow me? We can pick tin cans on our way and talk about Sabrina,” he put in for good measure drawing a smile from Stefn who dropped what he was doing.

They started on and before long they were arguing about who had the biggest boobs in Zuckerville.”You see that Boom Boom of a girl,” Tobi was saying. “.. As her name is Boom Boom so is she booming everywhere,” he further emphasized stretching both hands in front of him.

Stefn conceded with a shrug, “But what of the fine ladies, who comes to your mind then?”

“Well that Honour is not bad, she uses b/w so well, another person that comes to mind is Bee…”

“What are talking about man! Where did you put Sabrina?” Stefn interrupted frowning at Tobi. Tobi burst into laughter.

“Oh you mean your Sabrinas, because I’m very sure you no longer have one Sabrina”.

Stefn pretended to be affronted. “I’ve got only one Sabrina, Tobi have you forgotten I’m a pastor’s …….”

A loud scream rent the air stopping them both in their tracks.

Stefn paused and looked around slowly. He adjusted his brown face cap which looked like a bicycle seat gone wrong. He turned to look at a confused Tobi then they heard the sound again.

A sharp wail which rang of so much anguish and pain that all the hairs at the back of their neck rose. The two of them huddled close to each other in fear trying to still their racing hearts.

Tobi tried to form words to say but he couldn’t get them out. The fear threatened to overwhelm him. They heard a different kind of sound again, like the sound of a spoon being scratched hard against the bottom of a pot. The sound increased till the boys were forced to put their hands over their ears screaming then it stopped abruptly and left in its wake total silence.

They raised their head cautiously and saw a shape till it came into focus. He had a grotesque face twisted horribly into uneven shapes. Sharp fangs glistened with blood under the bright moon and his mouth was twisted into a poor imitation of a smile as he beckoned to them.

It was Zucker himself smiling horribly.
It was Tobi he dragged first!

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Tee Ha Na
Tee Ha Na is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University studying English. A lover of books and nature she enjoys her own company when she can have peace and quiet to write to her heart's content. Yet she loves people as well and tries to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets either by smiling, telling jokes or just being herself. Her sole ambition in life is to write, write and keep writing till all the world problems are solved.
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