Ordinarily Extraordinary


Are just as simple as everyone else.
Won’t stop the rain from coming down,
Nor the earth from shaking.
Won’t stop the sun from rising,
Nor the moon from shining bright.

But You-

Are special as special could be.
Are an organized calmness,
With beauty more than ‘the’ goddess.
Got a hand that couldn’t hurt, if they tried.
Hit me at the spot that weakens and drops me to my knees.

You are the sweetest poem I’ve written.
And sweetest face I’ve seen.

In you I find solace,
For what else is there, but a young heart filled with fondness of what God created on December 12th

Well I could navigate the seas from South Pole to North
And I could climb every tree and scale every course

And I still wont find another quite like you.

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