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My Father, My Lover

“Mummy please be nice,” I said once again to my mother.

“I’ll try Jane. I’ll try… I’m just not promising you anything,” my mum said with a worried look. “But Jane, we’re talking about a fifty-three years old man! You’re just twenty-five!” she continued with a confused look.
“Are you sure you want to do this? Marriage is not a child’s play,” she further added.
“Mummy, you worry too much. I’m sure about Williams. He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with,” I replied.
“I love him and he loves me too. Mummy I have never been sure of any man the way I’m sure of Williams. Mummy please… When have you ever doubted my decision? Please don’t start now to do so,” I finished all in one breath as I held my mother’s hand.
I understood my mum’s fear. I understood she meant well for me. But I was sure of my decision too. I met Williams six months ago. And the past months have been the best in my life. Fifty-three years and has never been married and was still the sweetest man I ever met.
I’ve been asked by my friends to let go as he was way too old for me. But age is nothing but a number.
No it’s not about his money. I was a very comfortable lady before I met Williams, I still am. Everything about Williams was perfect. He was handsome and doesn’t even look his age; CEO of a tech company, tall and well-built, he was perfect in bed. Tell me why I was supposed to let go of a perfect man just because he was twenty-eight years older than me?
I was totally in love.
He proposed to me two days ago And I didn’t hesitate to say yes to him. I know he was old enough to be my father. I know he was three years older than my mum but I was still holding onto the saying of “the older, the better”. Age was certainly just a number!
Love had me.
I had shown mummy the ring and told her everything and to expect Williams in the evening.
“You’ll be surprised to see that he doesn’t look fifty-three,” I finished when I was certain that she had calmed down on the issue of age.
Evening came and Williams was ushered into the sitting room while I ran upstairs in excitement to get my mum. Getting to the bottom of the stairs, my mum held her chest as she gasped at the sight of Williams.
“Williams!” she screamed.
“Jesus Christ! Loveth!” Williams screamed too as he jumped up from the seat.
The story that was told in the next hour remained a shock to me.
Williams and my mum were lovers. And had gotten separated as Williams’ parents didn’t accept my mum. On realizing that she would never get accepted into the family and with getting pregnant for the love of her life as a consolation, Mummy had travelled out of the country with the money Williams’ mum used to settle her to stay away from her son.
She lost contacts with Williams after she had accepted the money. Williams on the other hand nursed his heart-break as he promised himself not to fall in love after he searched and couldn’t find the love of his life. Till he met me.
I was always told that my father died when I was a baby. I never cared to ask my mother why she didn’t remarry. She was a strong and independent woman who had raised me without any difficulty.
I locked up myself for after the story was told in tears. All I wished was to wake up and find out that the story was all a joke. All I wished was to run away with Williams who is now my supposed father and get married and continue our love affair in a far away land.
At that point, I thought I should hate my mum for being alive to see Williams and recognize him as my father. That was how much love I developed for Williams.
I felt nauseous as I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Then I realized that it was two months since I last saw my flow.
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