You’re Love

Alone with her thoughts and her eyes fixed at a corner, she had laid with a book clutched to her chest. I had entered her bedroom to check on her. My footsteps had interrupted her. Then, the question had come. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“Does love still exist, mother?” My 15-year old daughter had asked. Okay! The question had threw me off balance. I was dumb founded for three minutes. Where did she get that from? I had looked at her suspiciously. What had she been learning? She repeated the question again. Her glaring look arresting my thoughts. Just then, my memory was taken back to the past. I could remember asking father the same question. I could remember the look he had given me. Like, where did you get that from? I was just seven then. Something had prompted that question. I was expecting father to give me a straight answer like, yes, love still exist. Instead, he had answered.
“My daughter, you are love, if you’re still existing, then, love still exist. Give out love and love yourself more.” Those lines made me shiver. Those lines made me glow in love. I grew up with that notion. I learned to appreciate the word “love” I am love and love embraced me. I gave out love and allowed it flow like a flowing water that would never cease flowing.
Once, I had given out my cardigan to a sick friend. I had went to bed with cold almost ripping off my body. I didn’t feel bad. I was proud of myself. Truly, love is in the heart.
The day, mother had left us, father had cried uncontrollably. I felt really bad. If mother could leave us, then, love no longer exist. If truly, I am love, as father had said, then, mother would not had left us. My life changed. I felt empty within. The light in me slowly faded. The love in me became frozen and could not thaw. The happy me, became sullen and betrayed. Then, I almost shredded into pieces if not for father’s last words before he danced off with death. His words brought new beginning to me.
I glowed again. I was born anew again. Gradually, I began to feel my own existence. He had said, “Even if you feel the love in you had died, do not forget you’re love. If you’re are still existing, then, love still lives. Give out love and love yourself. Love is beautiful because you’re beautiful.”
“Mother,” my daughter’s voice had brought me back to reality. Now, I can answer her question. Just like what father had said, I went on to tell the same to her.
“You are love. If you’re still existing, then love still exist”.
This story won the first place February 2019 edition of the UNTOLD STORY CONTEST.

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