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Facing Death

“…The accused, Mrs. Cynthia Okafor is hereby sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of Nkechi Obi.” I kept smiling as the judge passed his judgement. One look at me, one might think I was crazy. I had no sign of remorse. I smiled from the beginning of the court session till the end. I had happily pleaded guilty to the surprise of the judge who had later thanked me for making the case short and easy.

I was lead into the black Maria amidst the cries of my mother and kid sister. I didn’t bother looking at them. I was ready to die. I was ready to meet my creator and probably receive a golden crown for murdering that bitch.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I noticed I had run out of pepper. I rushed out of my two bedroom apartment to buy some. As I stepped outside, I heard the piercing cries of Baby Joy, my neighbor’s nine months old baby.

She’s probably hungry, I thought. I quickly left the building and in two minutes I was back and was about to enter my apartment when I decided to check why Baby Joy was still crying. I remembered Peace my neighbor left for work earlier than usual. She’s a single mother who worked as a receptionist in a big hotel. Three days ago, she had brought a househelp from the village as her mother left two months ago.

I noticed the door to her apartment was slightly open. I let myself in and turned off the gas which had a boiling water on it. Something wasn’t right. Why was the door open? Why was the water left boiling? A security conscious me grabbed the kitchen knife which was lying on the sink and headed towards the room where the baby’s cries was coming from. It was faint now.

I walked on my toes as I held my breath. Standing at the door of the room, I saw my three years old self on the bed, but this time, nine months old. And instead of my step father’s finger in my private part, it was Nkechi the help’s finger in Baby Joy’s private part.

A scream escaped my lips as tears left my eyes. Clutching the knife, I stabbed the alarmed Nkechi. I didn’t forget to cut her fingers. So she wouldn’t come back with any finger in her next life.

At the execution ground, I refused to let the pastor pray for me. I let the rope slide into my head as I still kept the big smile on my face. As the rope took my life, I prayed in my heart that God gives me a chance to end the lives of more paedophiles in my next life.

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