Visitors from Space (Part Two)

Continued from Part One

The United Nations Headquarters, New York, the Next Day,

The UN Secretary General, Kim Wong Hyung was fuming. The scheduled meeting would commence in the next hour and the imp Antoine had just called to tell him that he could find no solution. In addition to that, he was advising that every leader of each country sign a document declaring surrender to those aliens. I should have expected this, thought Kim. Now he had to face the panel and admit that he was wrong about Arlberg.

As all this was running through his mind, the Russian President Alexandro Voyschesky came in. He immediately straightened himself and greeted Alexandro.

Soon after, the other members came in. They were waiting for the man who literally had their fate in his hands, Antoine Arlberg. He came in and promptly went into the business of the day.

“Good afternoon gentlemen,” Antoine began, “I spent a lot of time analyzing the spaceship, and its makeup and I must confess I am confounded. The ship appears to be made of an element that closely resembles titanium but on further check, it was not the same. It was at least 1,000 times stronger. Their communication system is highly encrypted; my computer analysts and I could not even understand the intricate system talk more of finding a way past it. Even their weaponry is too sophisticated that we can never rival them in the next thousand years. So, in conclusion, I suggest that we find a way to dialogue with the aliens and see if we can avert their promised annihilation because frankly speaking they can very well wipe us out.”

There was such a hush that Antoine started to wonder if they heard him. Finally, the American President found his voice first. “So, what you are really asking us the world leaders to do is to surrender to those vile creatures? Moreover, what do we tell the citizens of the world? That we could not defend them?That some unknown creatures from space brought us to our knees and we had to succumb and surrender to them because of flimsy excuses like we couldn't provide a weapon to fight them or that we were taken unawares?"

Antoine knew that he was asking them to make the toughest decision in the history of humanity but the decision had to be taken. The alternative was just unthinkable. He replied, “Gentlemen, I fully understand the gravity of what I'm asking of you. Nevertheless, we are facing hard times and hard decisions have to be made. I think we had better present the issue to the world; telling them the brutal truth and letting them make their own decisions. But I believe that they would understand if the truth is told.”

This time, the Russian President spoke up. “Permit me to ask, can't we use all our combined nuclear power to annihilate these aliens? We currently have a combined 10,000 kilotons of nuclear weaponry and can't it be enough?”

While he was performing his tests, this idea came to Antoine but the cost was very high. Moreover, it just would not be enough to attack the ship without knowing if the nuclear assault would pay off. “I have thought of this avenue but there are some glitches. If we launch missiles at them and it does not work, would it not be akin to signing our death certificates? Even at that, the energy cost of launching the missiles would leave us energy depleted−adding to our troubles.

The Secretary General who had been fuming finally exploded, “How are we to believe you when your incompetence has been obvious? You say the missiles would not work. Was there any proper experiment to that end? I think not.”

“I know there wasn't any experiment on that topic but with available evidence, I think it's best to infer−” Antoine said before the livid Secretary cut him off.

“I believe we've had enough of your inference to last us a lifetime,” Mr. Kim sneered. Turning to the panel, he said, “My friends, I think you all will agree with me that surrendering our home planet to creatures entirely unknown to us would be the height of folly. And why would we even think of it? We are the peak of natural evolution and we have shown to ourselves that we can actually achieve anything we want. Therefore, I am seconding what my good friend Alexandro suggested which is a frontal assault on them. Let us use the combined nuclear arsenal at our disposal to rid ourselves of this menace. How many of us would like to go back to his home country and be taken for a fool and a coward? Finally, let's think on this: if we give up our planet, what can we say we've achieved with it?” 

As he finished his impassioned speech, Kim saw they were nodding their heads in agreement with his train of thought. This was what he wanted, not cowards who cannot perform simple tests properly.

“Thank you Mr. Kim for an amazing motivational speech,” Hans Schneider, the German Premier began, “I believe you have a wonderful point. If there are more beings out there, let us not give them the impression that we are weak. We are the human race! The most technologically advanced race as far as I am concerned. So I call on all of us to join hands and drive these beasts out.”

In a bid to save the planet from being destroyed due to the pride of some egotistical elites, Antoine pleaded once more with them, “Gentlemen, I understand your sentiments and convictions but one thing we should note is this: if you do not heed words, if you attack those aliens, then there will no longer be a planet to call home, the entire human race and civilization will be wiped out. We are not ready, not in a thousand years to rival these creatures in technology; so I'm begging all of you to reconsider and let's see if we can dialogue with them. And as a note of warning–forgive the tone of my voice –if there is no reconsideration in the next 24 hours, I'll be forced to tell the world exactly what lies ahead of them.”

“You better not try such a thing,” cried the Russia President; “you will surely pay for any indiscretion on your part.””

“My dear Antoine, you've been an ambitious man since you first time I knew you. And it is probably that ambition that is speaking. But let me make you an offer of peace. Let us forget this entire fracas and start afresh. So, on that note, I am personally offering to you the sum of half a million dollars for your silence. What do you say?” offered the UN Secretary General.

Although Antoine had already made up his mind to be blunt and resolute on the issue, the money offer really got to him. He had mortgage payments to make and half a million bucks would settle that and still be well off. But he didn't want anything on his conscience. Therefore, he refused the offer.

That made the people gathered there very upset and they dismissed him, telling him to keep quiet or face the rhythm of the music. Antoine was unmoved. He had seen the imminent calamity that would befall the planet if he chooses to let everything slide under the carpet. They can only threaten him he had other plans.

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