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Visitors from Space (Part Three)

Continued from Part Two

Nairobi, Kenya, that Same Day,
The shrill ring of the small desk phone woke him up. Who could be calling at this hour of the day? And he hated being woken up unnecessarily. This better be serious, he mused.
“Yeah?” he said into the receiver.
“I need to speak to your boss immediately.”
The man instantly became fully awake. The other voice on the line rarely called; and whenever he called, he had direct access to the boss. Also he was one of the three people in the world who knew how to contact the boss.
“Just wait for a few seconds Sir, he said. He stepped into the office of his boss, into the Sanctuary. Few ever saw him face to face.
“The Secretary is on the line for you,” he fearfully informed the boss. The man in the office merely nodded slightly. Basov stepped out, picked the phone, and told the Secretary of the United Nations:
“Il Maestro will attend to you now.”
“Mr. Kim, how may I be of help to you?” Il Maestro asked in that gruff voice of his that has managed to scare many people.
“I need you to take care of someone for me. You know him. He is Antoine Arlberg, Kim Wong Hyung said in a purely toneless voice. “I want the job done within t−”
“I believe you understand that I do not subscribe to being told how and when to do my job,” Il Maestro hissed, clearly infuriated.
“N-no, of course you don’t,” the Secretary muttered. “I’ll leave you then.”
Il Maestro hated orders and those who give it. He also hated repetition. Once you have said something, why repeat yourself? That was why he liked being alone. Most people were below him. He was a demigod. That was why he had the power to take the life of anybody. He started killing for contracts when he noticed that people had no value for life. Moreover, he needed the money to keep up his ostentatious lifestyle. However, this Secretary had no respect for him. Very soon, he mused, he would be taught a lesson. For now, he had to face the task before him.
El Mohammadi Hotel, Abu Simbel, Egypt, One Week Later,
Maria Arlberg was having mixed feelings about her coming back. On one hand, she was happy that she would be seeing her husband after being separated from him for so long; and on the other hand, she was very worried about the problem Antoine was facing. It was enough to weigh anybody down. And the arrogant men were still adamant about surrendering! Her husband had told her about the outcome of his meeting with the UN Assembly. He was furious and was talking about going public with the information he had. Well, I wouldn’t advice him against it; we just have to be cautious. You don’t lock horns with the most powerful men on the planet and expect a handshake. It’s just nice that he will be picking me up at the airport. We have ample time to discuss the situation better. She then packed her bags and left her hotel room, heading towards the airport, towards home.
Berlin International Airport, Berlin, Germany, Five Hours Later,
Antoine was having a hard time locating Maria amidst the throng of people at the airport. He raised himself to his full height of six foot four and still couldn’t make out her face amongst the sea of faces. He turned clockwise and counter-clockwise but still wasn’t able to see her. Finally, he gave her a call.
“Hello Sweetheart, where are you? I cannot find you,” Antoine shouted into the mobile phone.
She tapped him lightly on the shoulder, “I did not expect you to.” Antoine was surprised at her appearance. She had dyed her hair to black. It was formerly blonde. Nonplussed, he kissed and hugged her and they entered their five-year old SUV.
In about twenty minutes, he pulled into their garage. He helped her take her bags into the house. As she was unpacking, Antoine decided to get some drinks to celebrate her return. He went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and as he bent to pick up a drink, something hit the door of the fridge. He turned and saw a masked man with a 9mm Smith & Wesson. Immediately, he turned and ran towards Maria.
“Maria!” he shouted, “Get out of the house!”
As he was about to enter the room where his wife was, he decided to give her a chance at survival. He faced his attacker. The man had the most terrifying eyes he had ever seen; they were just black holes, soulless orbs. He glanced back and saw his wife coming towards him; he shook his head at her and at the same time felt an intense pain on his stomach. He looked at where the pain was coming from and saw blood, his blood.
He fell, turned, and saw his wife. With the last strength in him, he shouted, “Run!” Slowly, he became weak, everything was swirling, and he could feel his grip on consciousness fading. The next thing he saw was… darkness.
Part Four will be coming up next Wednesday.
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