Punish Me Lord

By N. C. E. 

As I watched from the window, I struggled so hard to hold back my tears as I watched my boys taunt the woman outside my apartment. She had a big semi dirty sac on her head. I could hear them from where I was.

"Na my son apartment be this na!" the woman exclaimed as she struggled to keep her worn out wrapper in place.

"Your son? And you said his name is Obinna?" Ade, one of my boys asked in his thick Yoruba accent.

"Yes na! Na me rent this apartment for am," the woman answered looking confused. "Na me even arrange am,” she continued as the boys kept making fun of her faded wrapper and Igbo accent.

"Madam, please respect yourself. Like I said before, there is no one called Obinna here," Ken, another of my boy replied. "The person here is Jason, and he is the first person the occupying this apartment.”

"Jason kwa?" The woman asked. "Mbakwa! Jason abụrọ aha nwa m!"

With that, she tried gaining entrance into the house. Ade roughly dragged her back causing the sac on her fall down and it's content of beans, rice, onions and other foodstuff scatter on the ground. Seeing that, I rushed outside.

"What is going on here?" I asked, while trying to avoid the woman's eyes.

"Ehe! Obinna nwa m!" the woman shouted at the sight of me as she tried getting up. I gave her a bemused look and ignored her.

"Boss!" Ken hailed "She said she's looking for her son, Obinna.

"Obinna my son? Who are these people?" the woman asked as she tried approaching me.

I moved back and Ade tried preventing her from getting any close.

"What are you talking about woman? Who are you? Who is Obinna?" I asked, putting on a confused look.

"It’s me your mother na!" the woman screamed. "Ọ bụ m nwa m!"

"Excuse me? My mum is abroad and I don't know you," I said at once as I kept avoiding her eyes.

Why did she have to come? When we spoke on phone two months ago, I told her that I would come visiting soon. I had told everyone who cared to listen that I was from a wealthy family and my family based abroad but I insisted to study at home so as to oversee my father's business. Meanwhile, I got my money from sugar mummies. And hid under the pretence of being born with a silver spoon.

Here was my mum, I know she sacrificed a lot for me, sold a lot in other to see me through school. Inasmuch as I haven't visited home for two years now, I made sure I sent money home every week.
Why is she here?

She just wanted to spoil the reputation I had spent two years to build.. And I won't allow her!

"Please show her out, she's making noise," I said as I turned back into the house trying so hard to hold back my tears.

I could hear the scream of the woman I love. But pride and shame wouldn't let me.

Towards evening, I couldn't wait till the heavy rain subsided, I was sneaked out of the house without my car and headed towards the park. There was a small crowd, and I became curious. I stopped the taxi I was in and stepped into the rain, towards the crowd.

Pushing through the crowd, the woman who bore me, who nursed me, who gave me all I wanted, who sacrificed all for me was lying lifeless with her head slightly crushed.
I was blinded by tears as I looked on.

I was given a spare of that wrapper she had on.

I can't say I'm sorry momma!

I can't apologize!

I can't plead for mercy!

I just want to be punished!


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