Giving My All

By N. C. E. 

“We won't be the first to do it, and won’t be the last too,” Ken said with frustration, it was obvious his erection was hurting him. 

“I’m just scared,” I said facing the wall.

“Scared of what exactly?” Ken asked almost immediately. “Pregnancy? Come on, I’m very good at the withdrawal method and I can even go out now and get a condom…Princess please.”

“I’m scared things won’t be the same if we should ever do it,” she said. 

“If what I actually think is what you mean.. then you’re wrong Princess.” 

He left to the toilet to probably help himself. 

For the first time in two years we started dating, this was the first time he was truly begging for sex. 

I’m a girl who believed in celibacy till marriage but I was beginning to have  second thoughts.

This was a guy I loved so much and wanted to spend my everyday with. He has been patient and maybe done what a thousand guys wouldn’t do. The thought of him cheating tied a huge knot in my tummy. 

After what seemed like forever, he came out of the convenience with beads of sweat on his face to meet a naked me on the bed.

“Baby please don’t do this. Don’t start what you won’t finish,” he begged while trying to look away. 

“I’m ready,” I said trying out the seductive tone. 

“I don’t understand.” He was surprised. “Baby, are you serious?”

The pains.. The blood.. The sweat.. The promises.. I hope I don’t regret soon.. 

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