Galactic Warrior III—Saviour

Continued from Part Two 

The vehicle gave one final lurch, as I landed the it at the foot of the mountain where coordinates directed me. It was a bean-shaped mountain, with a huge cloud of fog, and spiky alien trees covered the base of the mountain. Using my thermoscope, I checked the area for lifeforms and picked up thousands; this is going to be a very difficult mission.

With my blood charged up on ECB, I crept into the crevice at the foot of the mountain, and hoped that in the end, this my mission would be worth it.

As I moved, I stuck plastic bombs to the walls of the mountain, the walls were full of greenish grime, which had the smell of ammonia. I rounded a corner, and suddenly came face to face with a Madatant soldier. Before it could raise an alarm, I swiped my knife along its throat; the greenish blue blood spurted out of his throat onto my face as it slumped to the ground.

I stepped over it, and checked the thermoscope again, the yellow dots were just too many, there’s no way I could take on all of them; I needed to find Adjar and Commander Freger as fast as soon as possible. Climbing a metallic ladder by the side of the wall, I looked down at the platform on the other side of where I climbed up from, and beheld him—the Madatant leader. He towered above all the others, and had an air of malevolence that sent chills up my spine.

He signaled to a subordinate, and it went to a door, opened it, and brought out Adjar. She was neither shackled nor did she look in any way like a prisoner. As she walked up to the dais, she looked submissive, certainly not the woman I fell in love with. I quickly climbed down, and throwing caution to the wind, went into the room she came out from. Thankfully, they were riveted on whatever they were doing with her to notice my descent. Inside the room, which I quickly discovered was a cell, I saw Commander Freger.

With the askew position of his body, I knew he was dead, probably from a broken neck. Still, I went to him, touched his jugular, and confirmed him dead. Standard DARE procedure. They had kept Adjar in a room with a dead man in it? What kind of savages were they?

As I squatted over the lifeless body of the man who had been my superior, I wondered what they had done to Adjar; maybe she had been broken beyond repair, had she told them DARE secrets? Inasmuch as she had promised not to tell them anything, there was no way I could be sure. Except…

That was as far as I got with my thinking before I was clobbered on the head with something very heavy. My vision blurred, I felt like puking, but I didn’t pass out—effect of the ECB. In that singular moment of weakness, I was captured, and taken outside. How they eventually knew I was in that room, I would never know, but as I was dragged out towards their leader, I knew that I had failed. This was game over.

I was taken past Adjar, who just looked through me. Though my mind was fuzzy, I tried to talk to her, to reach out to her, but my head felt like it was filled with lead. I couldn’t talk. 

Then I was strapped to the table, and stripped naked. I was injected with something, which by the time it was in my system, had my mind in a clutch. I had a hard time getting myself focused to do what I knew I had to do. Destroy the place. I only hesitated because of Adjar, maybe there’s and way to save her. Then I felt my insides twisting—the pain was unimaginable, and I yelled out. The next series of events would always be imprinted on my mind.

A staccato burst of gunfire erupted out of the blue; in the far reaches of my mind, I saw DARE soldiers, their sometimes-annoying yellow attire becoming a ray of hope for me. One by one, the Madatants fell, as so did our soldiers. But what saved us was that more of the Madatants died than our soldiers.

As I lay there, struggling with my body, and the drug that was injected into me, Adjar—the same person I thought was gone from me—came and unstrapped me. With the last of the Madatants down, their leader managed to escape. I was taken outside, onto our transport vehicle, towards Zypern.


Back home, everything became clearer to me. According to Commander Churek, they had exactly wanted me to react the way I did when I heard Adjar’s message. She was indeed captured, but they couldn’t go on with a rescue mission without having a diversion—which I was. Even the ECB I took was a fake, just the strongest liquor in the galaxy. In my rage and haste, I had thought I was pumped up on an ability-enhancing drug.

When I had been captured, they knew that was their cue to attack, and that was when Adjar decided to come out of her act of being under the control of Madatants; technically, she was never in their clutches, just appeared so. She had told me that she was bidding her time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike till I showed up. It was the appearance of the DARE Corp that saved the both of us, as she had wanted to intervene with whatever the Madatants wanted to do to me.

A knock came on my door, and when I opened it, I stared into the dreamy eyes of my girlfriend. She came in, removed her clothes, and said to me,

“Make love to me, Jesser.”

With all pleasure, madam, I thought, as I hungrily kissed her. 

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