Consented Rape

By N. C. E. 

While I pushed you away, you insisted that you knew I wanted you
Because I had always flirted with you
I really was flirting
But does it equal to opening the door to the most intimate part of my body? 

I gave up
It was no use screaming
The alcohol probably gave me the confidence to go for it
I let you have your way
While I let all my first sex fantasies go away

You were rough 
But I really tried my best to stay tough
With your eyes shut you never cared to see my tears
Or discuss my fears
All you did was to beg me to moan
You didn't remember to promise to take me to the moon

And there I was
Beneath you, wishing the pains were to be replaced with pleasure
Or at least be treated like a treasure
While you vibrated and poured your seeds into the rubber
I couldn't help but wonder
If you were a monster or my claimed lover

The sight of the little blood on the sheet brought fresh tears
You didn't care to comfort me
But you know what dear? 
I will be fine
I know I can't deny the fact that you were my first story
But you are not my last. 

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