Visitors from Space (Part One)

The South Colony, March 21, 2877,

The Earth is dead, barren, desolate, and lost. Much of the life forms in it are extinct, destroyed in a war few would remember; and the rest, well, the thought of remembering is as good as reliving the horrors of the Extermination. The vast beautiful and exotic planet has been laid to waste, raped and pillaged by the greatest force humankind has ever known. However, we cannot say we were taken unawares, that we did not know. We knew. We were told. We were warned. But as with thousands of millennia before, man is proud and vain. It was pride. Pride took everything from us, our joy, hope, faith, and courage leaving us fearful and cowering.

My name is Faket. I was born in the year 2719. Technically, I am 158 years old but I look twenty. It was the science that was brought to us that placed this curse of near immortality on me; they meddled with our DNA converting us into ageless beings. I was born when man was subjected to suffer for his arrogance. Our ancestors though long dead left us a legacy, their pride.

As I am writing this journal, I am thinking. Could it have been different? Could we have averted the impending doom? What if we listened? My mind is drawn back to the time it all started as we have been told by our parents in secret…


The United Nations Headquarters, New York, January 3, 2100,

Antoine Arlberg was beaming as he entered the elevator. And why shouldn’t he? He has managed a feat no one has been able to do in the last 200 years since the problem presented itself; global warming and its impending doom on humanity. He and his team of scientists and experts have finally proffered a solution that worked! It didn’t end in the invention of ways to harness solar energy to power everything on Earth, every damn machine on the planet was being powered by solar energy even at night through his most ingenious creation yet, the Ultra Solar Power Reservoir, USPR — thus reducing the dependence on crude oil products, no he has finally found a way to transport all the wastes into Outer Space. Brilliant!

As the elevator ascended towards the meeting room, his thoughts sauntered to the meeting he was heading to. The current Secretary General was to leave in two months’ time and the rumour on ground was that apart from him, the UN Ambassador to the United States was the most likely candidate. Antoine believed in ambition, it was what brought him where he was today and Michael Saunders lacked ambition; he lacked the mettle needed for the job. That was why he, Antoine was the only man for the job. Imagine what he could achieve for this beautiful planet with such power and opportunity. The ping of the elevator brought him out of his reverie.

Walking through the ornate doors of the office of Kim Wong Hyung, the Secretary General, he was met by men wearing sombre looks, none smiled at the sight of him.

“Welcome Mr. Arlberg, please sit,” the Secretary said motioning for him to sit on the only unoccupied chair in the room. “I trust you had a safe journey from Geneva?”

“Why, yes, of course,” Antoine answered trying to put enthusiasm in his words.

“”Very well then. I’m sorry for the quick way you were summoned but the urgency of the matter at hand forced our hands,” Mr. Kim said, looking around the room to know if the others acquiesced. They did.

Antoine was lost. What emergency was he referring to? Has any unforeseen catastrophe occurred at some corner of the world? His line of thought was cut off by the voice of the Secretary. “Take a look at this footage please. The scientists at NASA noticed it a few weeks back but they weren’t sure of what it was, until now.”

Antoine Arlberg did not believe in the impossible but what he was looking at was clearly impossible. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The footage showed something looking like a space ship straight out of Sci-Fi movies. It was huge, colossal. It was almost the size of a football pitch in diameter and was easily the length of two Boeing 747s.

“What in the name of God is that?” Antoine inquired. He was still dazed from what he just watched.

“We believe it is an extraterrestrial ship of some sort. At first the scientists thought it an asteroid or some other undiscovered space object. But three days ago, a coded message was sent via a satellite, Orion IV. The message stated very clearly that they wanted us to surrender our planet to them and relinquish all forms of claim to it. Failure to do so, they will unleash their weapons on us. And we are to deliberate and give them an answer in a week’s time,” the Secretary replied.

An extraterrestrial ship? Impossible! Not really, thought Arlberg. Contact with other beings and life forms have been one of the things that scheduled to be achieved within the century. But this was not how it was foreseen. A war? Total surrender? No, it certainly wasn’t in the plan. “B-but that, that is totally absurd! We can’t have that. We have to do something,” said Arlberg, still dazed at what he just saw.

“Exactly the reason you were summoned. We believe you have the faculty to proffer a workable solution to this problem,” the German Premier spoke for the first time.

“What we are really looking at is a way of defending our planet against the attack of the aliens. A way of standing our ground and if possible also a way of attacking back if need be,” Tony Smith, the United States President added.

Antoine was at lost for words. What they were asking of him was tough already not including the fact that he had less than seven days to find a way to protect the planet. How to do it? Where to start?

“As it is now, we have to dismiss you so that you can get started on the task given to you. I want you to know that you we’re chosen for this task because of your ingenious mind and what you’ve achieved so far. We’re relying on you,” Kim Wong Hyung finalized.

Antoine thanked them once again and took his leave. The German Premier then asked the question everyone was keen on asking, “Are we doing the right thing by giving him only a week when the actual time we were given was two months? People often tend to mess things up when put in extreme pressure conditions,”

“I understand your point but we have to be ready to attack the aliens as soon as possible; knowing the kind of person Antoine is, he’d rather cut off his hand than concede to a mere defence system only. He would engineer a weapon that would send the vile creatures back to where they came from,” the Secretary answered. He was the unofficial leader of the group and his word was akin to law.

“Very well then, began the U. S. President, I think it is best we took our leave and wait for a message from Mr. Arlberg.”

With that, they all left.

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