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My Unknown Lover

I applied the last touch of my makeup—a dab of lip-gloss, and anxiously waited for his call. This would be the first time we would be meeting, though we’ve been chatting online for two and half years. From the pictures he sent me, it was obvious that he was the kind of man that would make the heart of girls to jump about in frenzy. I looked at myself again in the mirror, and wondered what he would say when he really saw me.

Of course, he had seen pictures of me (even the ones I took immediately I woke up), but the life of social media is light years apart from real life. Maybe he wouldn’t like my voice? Or my step? Get a grip Bianca, this isn’t your first crush. But it’s the first time I’m falling in love with someone in seven years! And with someone I have never seen before!
The chime of the door bell brought me out of my reverie, it’s got to be him. I hurriedly opened the door and looked at the broadest chest in the universe. This wasn’t Jeremy, no, it was a total stranger. With deflated spirits, I sullenly asked him,
“Who are you looking for?”
“You, Miss Bianca Ofor,” he said. He had a low, husky voice that I would have considered sexy, had I not been expecting another person entirely.
“Who are you? And how did you know my name?”
“The real question is: who are you? And why are you so important to the person you were expecting?” That got me. How in the world did he know I was expecting Jeremy? As I was about to fire another question at him, I saw a very flashy and sleek Bugatti drive in. It had to be him. I brushed past the ghastly intruder and flew into the arms of Jeremy as he came out of his car.
He was surprised by my effusive show of affection, but still, he held onto me and laughed softly, the laughter emanating from his chest and filling my head. When I finally detached myself from him, I looked towards my door to dismiss the unruly stranger, but he was nowhere to be found. He had just vanished; and I didn’t even notice his departure. Good riddance!
We went inside, with him holding me by the waist, and whispering how I looked even more beautiful in real life. I took him to the kitchen, and served him the prepared dish—fried rice and a lumpy, well fried chicken. I brought out the bottle of wine I had gotten at ShopRite. He seemed pleased with the food, and I was convinced of that when he finished eating.
“You’re the best cook I know. With the exception of my mom,” he commented, and winked at me. The compliment felt like a hot shower, it coursed from my head down to my belly, making me blush. He looked lovingly at me, and a shadow passed over his face.
“Any problem?” I asked.
In response, he did what I had never thought any man would do for me, he knelt down in front of me. He brought out a sparkling diamond ring, and said, “I don’t know how to make perfect speeches, and now more than ever, I want to say something that would show the wealth of the love I have for you. But all I can say is, make me the happiest man alive by becoming my wife.”
I was more enthralled by the look in his eyes more than his words; his eyes were full of immeasurable love, as if the sun rose and set with me. But, I knew I couldn’t accept his proposal, not now.
“Jeremy, this is the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to me. But I can’t accept this proposal, not yet. We’ve only just met for the first time. Let’s give ourselves time to adjust.”
“What other adjustments do we need? We’ve known each other for almost three years.”
“Yes, but online. Let’s know if we can survive each other first.” He was looking at me as if I was an alien. I could see the wheels turning in his head; he was thinking maybe I had someone else; but I knew why I was hesitant.
“What is it Bianca? Is there someone else?”
“Then what?”
“It’s just… I just need time Jeremy.”
He stared longingly at me for a full minute, before returning to his phone. An awkward silence ensued, which I tried breaking with attempts at conversation. He sulked for a while, and then suddenly, he brightened up. We chatted animatedly for the rest of the day.
At night, we made love—it was reckless—but I needed to feel him, to show him how much he meant to me. The only glitch was the moment before he thrust in, we had no condoms, and I had to throw caution to the wind. I guided his throbbing manhood into me, and prayed that it was worth it.
That was the best lovemaking of my life, and it left us totally spent.
The next day, he left early, and I went to work. I teach Mathematics at the local secondary school, and I knew that I had a full day. So when, during break time, I saw the stranger who had come to my house the other day, I was really in the mood to give him a piece of my mind when he threw me off balance.
“What do you know about the man who slept in your house yesterday?” he said, his dark eyes boring into me, and sending goosebumps over my body.
“And how’s that your business?” I fired back. He was looking so cocky, I felt like punching his ruggedly handsome face.
“You really don’t know who he is, do you?” His surprise was even more shocking than what his words implied.
“All right! Since he appears to be a good friend of yours, why don’t you tell me who he is then?”
“He is not my friend.” The words reeked of hate and anger. “But I suggest we go somewhere quiet, because you won’t like what you’ll hear.”
I led him to the library, which was empty of students. We sat down in a corner and he said, “The man who came to your house yesterday is a demon, in fact, a demon prince. His real name is Archmaus.”
In the silence of the library, my guffaw sounded like a thunderclap. He looked so serious that I ended up laughing again. I tried hard to stifle the bouts of laughter, and when I finally did, he looked incredulous.
“That’s got to be the funniest thing ever said to me.”
“I half-expected this reaction. Let me ask you, have you seen his reflection on a mirror before?”
“Mister man, I don’t know what you’re even getting at, but I will not sit here and watch you demonize my boyfriend.” My mirth was fast turning into rage; yet he maintained his air of seriousness.
“Since you’re so sure of him, invite him again, and find a way to see his reflection in a mirror. I’ll take my leave.”
And he left, leaving me with more questions than answers. The rest of the day went by in a haze as I tried to make sense of what was going on in my life.
I’d just finished taking my bath before Jeremy knocked on the door. I opened it and was again in awe of his majestic beauty. Wasn’t I lucky? And some… some nonentity was trying to destroy my newfound happiness. Yet… I couldn’t get the suspicion out of my mind. I had to confirm…
We went into my room, and made love. This time, taking time to explore our bodies and find hidden wells of pleasure; we each gave and received pleasure, until we were totally satisfied, and well spent.
As we languidly lay on the bed, with my right arm draped over his hairy chest, he asked me a question that I was sure I had never told him about. And one that completely spoilt the evening.
“Why didn’t the tell me that you are sterile, Bianca?” His voice was low but hard; as though he was trying hard not to explode with anger. “I thought we had no secrets?”
I was mute. How do I start explaining? How do I tell him that I had been reckless with my life? That I feared he would leave me had I told him? I sat up, and started crying. He made no move towards me, and when I got control of myself, I told him.
I told him how I had been pregnant for my boyfriend in my final year in the university; how he had advised me to abort it; how I had lost my womb and ovaries in the process; how he had left me, and had married another woman. I poured out my sorrow, my pain, and my fears, telling him that I feared he would abandon me too had he known.
“Was that why you refused to marry me?” he asked.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“I have no use for you then.”
I thought I heard wrongly, and opened my eyes. But he was already standing and putting on his clothes. He bent to pick up his shirt, and through the full-length mirror by the wall, I saw—him! He was red, with big pointy horns, and had huge fangs. His fingers were claws and with sudden realization, I knew. He was truly a demon.
I let out an unconscious gasp, and he looked at me. His gaze followed mine towards the mirror, and when he returned his gaze to me, his eyes were golden and burning. As I watched, he transformed to his real self, and I knew that I was in danger. Mr. Disturbance was right, and I was going to be dead.
“And you had to find out about me before you were meant to.” His voice was like a growl of a feral beast. “You should not have kept a mirror here. Now, I have to kill you—you already become useless to me.”
The next sounds I heard would forever be the best thing to have happened to me. “The only person who is getting killed is you, Archmaus.” It was Mr. Disturbance. And he was sporting a huge gun in his hand, his eyes, cold and murderous.
“Oh, Shuriel. If it isn’t the heavenly guardian angel,” Jere—Archmaus said, turning to face the intruder. I quickly crept to the far corner of the bed, and stayed. “You can’t defeat me, so you’re wasting your time with that toy.”
“It might be a toy, but it’s loaded with the Tears of Adam. I managed to find the hidden location.”
At that statement, the demon’s face turned from that of overconfidence to anger, and to fear. He made a move to grab me, perhaps as a shield, but Shuriel was quicker. He quickly unloaded two shots of the gun and Archmaus was instantly vapourized. I screamed at the sound of the gun going off, but Shuriel quickly came to my side, and held me. I calmed down, and asked him,
“Who are you?”
“Your guardian angel.” He touched my forehead, and I passed out.
When I came to, he was nowhere to be found. I was lying on my bed, and clutching a note. I opened it, and it read thus:
“Bianca, my work is done, and so I have to leave. The person you knew as Jeremy was actually Archmaus, a demon prince. He needed to have a child birthed by a woman with an AB blood group. The child was to be the link for a part of the Apocalypse. He never counted on you being unable to give birth; that was why he wanted you dead.
I had been hunting him for five hundred years, and finally, he is no more. I cannot stay, and so I wish you luck. One more thing, be more careful.”
Indeed, I needed to be more careful, and strangely, my sterility had saved my life.
Thank you Shuriel.
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