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Forgetting Roy

I sank my teeth into the nutritious yellow fruit which grows in hanging bunches and took a bite. I felt this hot breath puffing out of my flared nostrils as I gulped the goody down my gullet. Foaming at the mouth, it boggled my mind how quickly you sever ties with someone you once hit it off with. I tried to collect my wits and chew over what transpired. Back in the day, I made a sketchy scale of preference and had chosen our meeting over other crucial engagements.

Donned in turquoise blue leather dungaree; my best bib and tucker, I was on cloud nine. Hastily I ran through my chores overly excited like a toddler clinging to the mother’s tit.

Dressed to the nines I strutted wearing a lofty pompous gait. Seemingly a new songstress was in town as I composed a love song that elated my spirit expressing a slight drawing up to the corners of my lips. Yea, I was smiling sheepishly.

All hell was let loose the moment he handed back my bananas. I remembered hagggling over prices the previous night and how the vendor rebuffed me. Who would believe they were as scarce as hen’s teeth in this part of the world where I come from. Roy and I were like two peas in a pod. His inactions no doubt curled my hair. He had pleaded with me earnestly to get the tender and delicate fruit for him since it was nowhere to be found around his vicinity. Guess what, he was like ten towns away from mine. Without much as I fell for his tricks.

He welcomed me with open arms as he admired the drooping clusters of elongated fruits with a juicy and pulpy softness. With rapt attention I had coddled it wholly engrossed like a nursing mother. I deem it fit to hold my tongue as I do not want to delve into what triggered this chicken and egg situation. Seeing me off to the ever bustling park, he dipped his hand into his pouch and brought out a creased thousand naira note crushed out of shape.

I put my foot in my mouth and told him to save it for another day. He didn’t see that coming I guess. Goggle-eyed, he raised eyebrows coyly forgetting his hands in his pocket amidst muffled chuckles from an onlooking crowd. I didn’t crack a smile during this melee as I unquestionably left him at the altar since our love is now six feet under.
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