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Her, Him, Them

The first time it happened, she was six, she cried out and screamed from the hurt, till there was no sound left in her. He laughed when he was done, cleaned her up with a tissue and walked away, but not without threatening to burn down her house with her family in it if she said anything to anyone. She never saw him again. He was her uncle.

The second time it happened, she was fourteen, she ran through the thorny bushes in the school compound, till she tripped over a strong stub. She begged and pleaded till he was done, he bought her new uniforms the next day, she couldn’t wear a torn and bloodstained uniform to classes could she?
She flunked out on classes and failed till she was withdrawn from the school.
She never had to see him again. He was her physics teacher.
The third time it happened she was seventeen, she couldn’t scream, they had guns, the air was already filled with screams coming from different rooms in the hostel, it was obvious that no help was coming for them, her screaming wouldn’t have made a difference, so she just laid there, powerless, and surrendered her will to fight into their hands, all four of them. By morning, the news had spread, the Blackfog fraternity invaded the girls hostel of the University and the girls had all been raped. The stigmatization began.
The last time it happened was last night. She ran down the stairs, he ran after her, he hit her on the head with a bottle, she fell, she bled from her head while he had his way, in between thrusts he screamed, “It’s my right, I’m your husband, it’s my right, I paid your bride price.” She was bleeding too fast, there was no strength to fight. He spat on her when he was done and walked away, back to his room, reeking of alcohol and weed.
She found the strength to get up in few hours, she had not bled to death, a miracle.
She walked into the kitchen, pulled out the gas pipe from the cylinder.
And she lit a match.

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