Where would I go without you

You left me for a brief second and I couldn’t hold my breath for long
Which way should I go, which direction should I take
Faith, oh faith, I long for you in my sleep, please don’t desert me
I am healthy today because of you
I am strong today because of you
I am safe today because of you
I am rich today because of you
I am saved today because of you
I smile despite the situation at hand because of you
I sleep well at night knowing that you have my back
I am not moved by worry because of you
Thank you Lord for giving me faith
When things go wrong I walk with faith and I have confidence that all is well
Faith so beautiful and eloquent
Even when death knocks at my door I still feel confident because of you
When disappointment knocks me down I can still stand and dust myself
What would I really do without you
How would I live without you
Thanks be to God for giving me faith
Thank you God for another chance with faith
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