Silent Altercations

I reached my phone and called you hoping to hear your voice and when I ask you how you have been, you will respond, “Nwa m sọsọ agụrụ" and I will chuckle and say don't worry I will come back soon and cook something special for you to. I am calling now but all I hear is silence.

When I was terribly broke I called hoping to get the usual five thousand you gave always though it was never enough but it was something but all I heard was silence.

When I went to your room to get money for breakfast, I called and called but all I heard was silence.

On my graduation day I reached my phone with anticipation, the news at the verge of eruption I called you wanting to share this news news with you. I called and called my face dropped because all I heard was silence.

On my wedding day, I called to tell you that soon I will officially be called 'Nwunye mmadu' and no longer miss Mary. I called to show you how happy I am all I heard was silence.

When I had my kids you were the first person I always called even before I called my mother, I rang you each time but all I heard was endless silence.

And on my death bed with long white hairs, wrinkle faced and shaking hands I called you, I was met with silence, I called again, you answered after a long ring as though it was after a second thought.

I said, “Daddy...”

You said, “Daughter, patience only a little while and we will be together..."

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  1. Lovely piece, indeed only patience is required to make this come to pass.