I met you in the dark
falling wasn't hard
Your heart I tightly hug
Drowning deep in love

Like a thief, you came
Breaking into my cave
Stole hearts with ease
My terrors released

Days and weeks went by
With you I could smile
Is he's the perfect one?
Or have I met a wrong?

Summer came by
Winter in a while
Our wedding so soon
A baby in my womb

Then you disappeared
With no note to be read
Lots of texts I sent
But met them unread

Then a text came in
Oh! Not from him
My money drawn out
A none in my account

Crying, my head ached
Trembling, heartbreak
Was it just a game?
Have I been fooled again?

I can't live without you
My unborn child too
Was loving you a crime
You left me alone, why!

Words from my mouth
Pouring my heart out
Drowning in tears
Wishing to be heard

Thoughts of death
Roses really red
Taste of poison
High on the horizon.

Things going dark
Colours turn black
Heartbeat so slow
My life slowly goes

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